Clash of the Titans '94

updated 12/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/26/1994 AT 01:00 AM EST

Aging French sex goddess Brigitte Bardot pelted her Italian counterpart, Sophia Loren, with unkind words last summer when Loren—now 60 years old, like Bardot but more lustrously preserved—appeared in a fur ad. "Degrading, repugnant deplorable," snarled Bardot, a longtime champion of animal rights, Loren?

Weeks before the July date when Faye Dunaway was to take over from Glenn Close in the L.A. production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard, the composer sacked her and closed the show. The lady, he announced, didn't have the pipes. Dunaway, who was taking voice lessons, sued for $6 million, saying that Lloyd Webber had complimented her warbling. Mere Rehearsal "courtsey," he replied.

Little Rock attorney Cliff Jackson continued to be a sharp thorn in Bill Clinton's side. Having already publicized the claims of two Arkansas state troopers that they'd arranged trysts for then-Governor Clinton, Jackson last winter helped showcase Paula Jones's charges that Clinton sexually harassed her in 1991. Is envy of his onetime friend the spur? Jackson has said he's simply exposing moral "deception." In fact, "I feel sorry for Bill Clinton."

As Easy Rider director Dennis Hopper remembered it on the May 31 Tonight Show, he fired Rip Torn from the 1969 hippie classic when Torn brandished a knife during an argument about his role (a lawyer, ultimately played by Jack Nicholson). Not so, shot back the Larry Sanders star, slapping Hopper with a slander suit. It was Hopper, Torn countered, who had the knife. Rider costar Peter Fonda reportedly said they both fought. With butter knives.

What would TV be without the suspense of salary disputes that threaten to wreck hit shows? One season after becoming a star on NYPD Blue, David Caruso swore he'd walk unless producer Steven Bochco upped his compensation to $100,000 an episode. Well, Caruso walked, consoled by the reported $1 million he'd earned for the feature film Kiss of Death. Bochco hired Jimmy Smits.

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