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Correspondents expressed admiration for the late Rose Kennedy (PEOPLE, Feb. 6), hailing her commitment to faith and family and praising her for the strength she demonstrated in enduring so many personal tragedies. Several readers objected to a fan's suggestion that the death of rocker Trent Reznor's dog might be good for his music.

Rose Kennedy was a lady some people adored and some hated, but above all she gave everyone the idea that family was No. 1 no matter who or what you were. She always had to share her happiness, and more particularly her pain, with the public. In spite of that, she showed us how to stand above it all and go on. There will never be another person quite like her.
BERT SILVERSTEIN, Baltimore75013,

After many of your covers showing people with about as much substance as a piece of lint, you have finally redeemed yourself. Rose Kennedy was a true lady of substance. She led a wonderful life and raised a large family, trying to instill in them the principles that her faith taught. Although they may have strayed from those principles, she was a role model that many of us would be proud to emulate.
CEAL VOYCE, Newport, N.C.

I am 11 years old, but I was very saddened by the news of Rose Kennedy's death. Although I'd never heard of her, your magazine explained to me why this was such a sad event for our country.
Pensacola Beach, Fla.

Why in the world did you give the passing of Rose Kennedy the cover and a nine-page article when you only
gave one page to Raul Julia and two pages to Jessica Tandy when they died?
KATIE L. MYERS, Longwood, Fla.

You got it wrong. The caption under the Kennedy family picture incorrectly identifies Jean and Eunice. Jean is the one between Jack and Rose, and Eunice is on the other side, beside Bobby.

We regret the error.

I find it disturbing that some parishioners of Emmanuel Episcopal Church felt they were "not given enough notification" that 15 homeless black men would be attending services in their church. I feel no sympathy for those who need to be notified when people of another race and class threaten their bigoted vision of their own little world. Nancy James is an example of what all denominations need if they want their churches to survive.
JENNIFER WEES, Calgary, Alta.

I applaud Rev. Nancy James for sticking to her convictions. If the people in that church would ask themselves what Jesus would do in their situation, the answer would be clear. He would have welcomed anyone who wanted to worship him. He would not have needed advance notification!

Truly dedicated ministers do not, in my opinion, enter a new congregation and immediately try to change its traditions. While change can be both healthy and necessary, driving the church you are supposed to be serving into the ground to get it serves no purpose. Perhaps Reverend James needs to examine whose ends she is working toward—hers or God's.
MERYL K. TIECK, Sioux City, Iowa

How can those of us who live in Culpeper County in Virginia's beautiful northern Piedmont expect visitors to find us if you tell the world we're in the southwestern part of the state?

It will be a challenge, and we apologize for contributing to it.

As a longtime Nine Inch Nails fan, I feel fortunate that someone like Trent Reznor is so free in sharing his innermost feelings and emotional angst. Those of us who listen to his music find an empathy in his personal torture and genius in his songs. I am disgusted by the reaction that was reported regarding the death of his dog and by comments like "When he's depressed, it's good for his music" and "It's good to see Trent back in hell, where he belongs." For fans who celebrate the death of his pet, you are the ones who can go to hell.
PILAR POLLOCK, Laguna Hills, Calif.

With fans like Laurie Davis, Trent Reznor doesn't need enemies. The music is incredible, but he shouldn't have to suffer for it. The loss of anyone or anything close to you is not something I would be "sort of happy" about.
H. HOMFELDT, Elgin, Ill.

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