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Though most correspondents seem to have fallen under the spell of our 10 Most Romantic Couples (PEOPLE, Feb. 13), we were chastised for not featuring any gay relationships. "Love comes in all colors," wrote one reader, "including lavender." Top dog, in the eyes of letter writers, was Sheba, the Rottweiler that saved her puppies from being buried alive in a bag by her owner.

Hear! Hear! To Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills on their "May-December" romance that has lasted for 14 years. I too am married to a man younger than I, as are my four sisters and my mother. It's truly inspiring to be able to read real-life stories!
C.A. FREILING, Glenpool, Okla.

I want to thank you for having Brian Austin Green and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as one of your Most Romantic Couples. It is very nice to see some of my generation portrayed as being responsible, smart, loving and romantic.

Connie Sellecca and John Tesh make me sick. Before they got married, they went public talking about their chaste relationship. Now they appear half-naked in robes, bragging about their marriage, "unbridled sex" and intense marriage counseling. Who cares?

Come on, you guys! What about Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli? They have been through thick and thin, from Eddie's alcoholism to finally having the baby of their dreams.
LISA M. MARTIN, Fremont, Calif.

Your romantic Valentine's issue would have been even more romantic had you included at least one or two of the millions of America's couples who are gay or lesbian. We are, of course, accustomed to being left out when people talk about "romance," but being left out still hurts.

As an ex-farm girl who was taught to respect and care for all animals, I think that it is more than appropriate to put Bob Homrighous in a paper bag, bury him, and see if his mother digs him up.
C. HENNEMAN, Clearwater, Fla.

Even though humane societies have made the neutering operation reasonably affordable and quite accessible, there will always be heartless pet owners like Homrighous. I pray he never has children.
DEBRA WHITE, Freeville, N. Y.

While I thought the Rottweiler that saved her pups made a good human interest story, I can't believe the owner is facing such a severe penalty. Sure, he shouldn't have done it, but it amazes me that in a society where abortion is legal and child abuse is rampant (and largely unpunished), we would make such a big deal out of a litter of puppies.
MARY JOINER, Blue Springs, Mo.

It is acceptable for women to store sperm from husbands who are ill and freeze it for the purpose of conceiving a child at a later date. Yes, these children do have fathers, and that should be acknowledged by the state. However, if a woman can afford to conceive a child after a husband's death, then she should also be able to afford to care for that child by herself. Taxpayers should not be expected to pay $8,520 per year.
R. SUMMERS, Detroit

Hard to accept your willingness to glorify the acts of a loony-tune. Dan Mathews rejects animal research to find a cure for AIDS, muscular dystrophy, paralysis and Alzheimer's. Bet Magic Johnson, Jerry Lewis, Marc Buonoconti and Ronald Reagan would side with the 99 percent who don't agree with PETA's agenda.

I enjoyed your feature, but you left out one of the most famous songs: "Linda." There really was a Linda. Back in 1946, songwriter Jack Lawrence ("Tenderly," "Sleepy Lagoon") was asked by his attorney Lee Eastman to write a song for Eastman's 5-year-old daughter. The first big recording was by Ray Noble's orchestra, with Buddy Clark as vocalist. What happened to the real Linda? She grew up and married Paul McCartney.
SUSAN GRANGER, Westport, Conn.

Not that it really matters, but Dr. Robert Levine is Mary Tyler Moore's third husband, not her second. She was previously married to Grant Tinker and before that to Richard Meeker, the father of her late son. Three lucky men!
KRISTA LEWIS HARDEN, Douglasville, Ga.

Right you are.—ED.

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