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Correspondents were neither surprised by the breakup of the Julia Roberts-Lyle Lovett marriage (PEOPLE, April 10) nor particularly sympathetic to the erstwhile bride and groom. Most felt they had married in haste, with little regard for the commitment required to make marriage work.

Spare me another story about celebrities who think a lifelong commitment like marriage can be entered into after knowing each other for only a few months. Did these couples ever hear of dating? Here's a news flash, Lyle and Julia: Marriage is wonderful, but it's also a lot of work. And it's an affront to all of us out here who are trying to make it work when celebrity couples hop into marriage with the same apparent degree of understanding and commitment that teenagers display when they decide to go steady.

Julia and Lyle announcing that they are separating? Since when is this news—they have been separated for the entire 21 months they have been married.
BEVERLY KAUFMAN, Redding, Calif.

I'm sick of hearing about Hollywood couples being "in love" or "perfect for each other." The great majority don't know what love and marriage mean. Love is forgiving, compromising, giving unselfishly, remaining faithful. It means sticking around when life gets rough. I know. I got married at 18 and have been married for 14 years. The next time you write about a Hollywood romance or wedding, please title it "Two People in Lust"!
MART HAGER. Rockville, Md.

The Oscar landslide for the heartfelt Forrest Gump and the virtual shutout of the viciously violent Pulp Fiction restores one's faith. Maybe the film industry's terminally hip will begin to accept that life-affirming films are ultimately superior to those that denigrate the quality and value of life.

Why is it that the only celebrity you criticized in your Oscar article was Oprah Winfrey? I fail to believe that no one thought Sigourney Weaver's outfit was a bit much—or that the outfit worn by Jacqueline Bisset wasn't ridiculous. Come on, PEOPLE, be fair!
HOPE HICKS, Albuquerque

With all due respect to Penny D'Amato, the estranged wife of Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, children are not made illegitimate if their parents' marriage is annulled under church or civil law. Just ask a priest.
J'NEANE WEYDERT, Dubuque, Iowa

I want to congratulate Rosemary Green on her weight loss and the success of her book, Diary of a Fat Housewife. But I don't think her success gives her the right to pretend to speak for all overweight people when she states, "When you're fat, you can't go through a day without hating yourself." I have been overweight for most of my 34 years, and I have never hated myself.

I enjoyed Tiffany Cochran's tale about when she and her father, Johnnie, were driving down Sunset Boulevard in a Rolls-Royce. At gunpoint, Johnnie was supposedly ordered out of the car by police who backed off once they learned Johnnie was a deputy district attorney. Well, Johnnie must have been a former deputy DA by the time the incident occurred. I don't know any prosecutors who drive around in Rolls-Royces. Tiffany's story deserves some cross-examination by the Dream Team.
LYNN R. SHOEN, Las Vegas

Fifteen years ago a deputy DA in Los Angeles could afford a Rolls-Royce? Where do I apply for the job? BILL HOPKINS, Marble Hill, Mo. Prosecuting Attorney of Bollinger County Mr. Cochran had been in a very lucrative private practice before joining the District Attorney's office in 1978.—ED.

Your tribute to Eazy-E was a shining example of what's wrong with society today. Glorifying a street thug who started a record company using drug money, who fathered eight children by seven different women and whose biggest contribution to the world was music that no one will remember in three years sends out a dangerous message. Gee, what a guy! Just the kind of person I want my kids looking up to. It saddens the heart to think of all the decent people who slip away unnoticed, while vermin like this get international coverage.

Please spare us! Isn't Joey Buttafuoco's 15 minutes of fame over yet?

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