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updated 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Mudhoney's Mark Arm


FIRST THINGS FIRST: MUDHONEY LEAD singer Mark Arm, 33, says he does not own a flannel shirt, the cliched grunge garment. "I've got a wool, Pendleton-type shirt," he says, perusing a closet in the Seattle house he shares with his wife, Emily Rieman. Still, he and drummer Dan Peters, bassist Matt Lukin and lead guitarist Steve Turner are dedicated to the Seattle sound and hope to correct the mistaken impression that "once Kurt [Cobain] killed himself, everyone packed up and left town."

Your U.S. tour begins in June. How do you feel about headlining?

It's a lot less discouraging than being an opening act! When you're opening for, like, Pearl Jam at the Boston Garden, people are walking to their seats as you're playing, and there's one person standing up wearing a Green River [his old band] shirt, but everybody else is kind of looking at their watches.

Are you tight with Pearl Jam?

Oh, yeah. Steve and I were in Green River with Stoney [Stone Gossard] and Jeff [Ament] back in '84. And we just toured Southeast Asia with Pearl Jam.

And we more or less went to the White House with them last year too. Well, we went with them—but since we were not Pearl Jam, we got immediately separated from them!

Is your mom pleased you 're in a band?

Well, ever since we first went to Europe, she started thinking maybe it wasn't a waste of time. She actually gets excited about it now. I don't think she likes our music, but she likes the idea of people going to see us.

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