Grant Hill

updated 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

POISE, POWER, QUICKNESS—THESE ARE THE attributes of pro basketball's Air (Jordan) apparent. Oh, and one other thing. "Big ears," says Grant Hill, the 6'8", 225-lb. Detroit Pistons rookie whose rapid rise to NBA stardom nearly gave his agent whiplash. Yet even with an eight-year, $45 million contract, a standout rookie season, his own sneaker ("The Hill") and two Letterman appearances racked up, the modest 22-year-old sports an undersized ego. "I'm so thin that when I go to the beach, I don't take my shirt off," he protests. "I can't imagine women looking at me the same way I look at Janet Jackson." But lustful gazes inevitably land on the only child of Calvin, the Dallas Cowboys football great, and Janet, Hillary Clinton's Wellesley suitemate. Off the court the best place to find this bachelor is in a bookstore. "Wouldn't you like to run into Grant in a Barnes & Noble?" asks Willow Bay, cohost of NBA Inside Stuff on NBC. "He's smart, handsome, and his whole face lights up when he smiles." That may be the key. "I have a slight case of love handles, and my hair grows so fast, people call me 'Chia Pet,' " Hill says. "I'd like to think that my personality is what people find attractive."

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