Julia Ormond

updated 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

DURING PRODUCTION OF this summer's film First Knight, in which she plays Guinevere to Sean Connery's King Arthur and Richard Gere's Lancelot, Julia Ormond had a peculiar moniker: Julia Who? "That's what they called me on the first day on the set," the 30-year-old British actress recalled. "Julia who?"

Get with the program, guys. Ormond is already something of a legend—and the sole female star of Legends of the Fall. In that 1994 movie she played the love interest of three guys: Brad Pitt, Henry Thomas and Aidan Quinn. "I had to do a scene when I saw her for the first time, and I had to fall head over heels in love with her," says Quinn. "It wasn't hard to do."

He's not the only one smitten; the camera adores Ormond. "She looks very different in each role, each scene," says Legends director Edward Zwick. "When working she is very transparent." Make that translucent. Her luminous skin and radiant smile reduce ordinary men to quivering Jell-O. "She has a light," says Quinn. "When she smiles and talks, she just lights up."

Certainly Hollywood is thrilled with her incandescence. Currently, Ormond is shooting a remake of 1954's Sabrina in which she plays the Audrey Hepburn part to Harrison Ford's Humphrey Bogart role. A hard act to follow, indeed. "That movie isn't good for my head," Ormond recently said. "That woman's waist gets smaller every time I watch her."

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