John F. Kennedy Jr.

updated 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

HE DESCRIBES HIMSELF THESE days as "lumbering toward middle age." Maybe so, but the lumber still looks pretty buffed to us. At 34—can it be?—John F. Kennedy Jr. displays more clearly than ever his father's athletic charms, his mother's remarkable presence. "JFK Jr. is better-looking than the movie stars of today," says model mogul Eileen Ford, who has 49 years of experience assessing beauty. The British royals, too, know which American family tree they'd like to climb. Princess Diana was reportedly crestfallen when Kennedy was a no-show at a Manhattan luncheon she attended last winter. And the implacable Fergie has also been angling—unsuccessfully—for an introduction. Alas for them, he's all tied up. After ending his relationship with Daryl Hannah, he has hooked up with his longtime friend Carolyn Bessette, a Calvin Klein exec. But his real preoccupation is George. Now, now, lower your eyebrows. George—as in Washington—is the name of the-new magazine of politics and personalities that Kennedy will launch in September with himself as editor-in-chief. "We want to make politics sort of entertaining" is how he has described it. For Kennedy, who has long resisted the temptation to join the family business of government, the magazine will afford a perch for observing the public life that his family has done so much to shape. It might be too bad, though, if he decides never to seek high office himself. Just think what a hot addition he would make to Mount Rushmore.

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