Men Who Deliver

updated 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/08/1995 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The Wall Street Journal was the first to spot the trend: thousands of office workers hovering around reception desks, awaiting the arrival of United Parcel Service deliverymen. Not their packages, but the men themselves. Consider New York City's 6'3", 205-lb. Roberto Minaya. His customers call him Legs, he" says, "except when they ca me Sexy." The postman always rings twice. These guys don't have to.

"When I came to the U.S. from Moscow three years ago, I didn't speak English," says EUGENE DOVGII, 25 (right) and married. The women on his route didn't seem to mini.

When he makes his Manhattan rounds, "I keep my wedding ring on," says MARK JAMES, 24 (above). "But I like meeting people—and seeing how happy the ladies are when they get clothes." Fellow New Yorker (and married man) ROBERTO MINAYA, 30 (left), knows the feeling: When he delivers packages from Victoria's Secret, "some of my customers want to show me what they bought."

It's sometimes hard for Florida's 6'2", 195-lb. JIM HUARD, 26 (top left), to maintain decorum on the job. Says the bachelor: "Girls are always whistling and making comments." Houston's 5'11", 160-lb. JOEY WHITE, 25 (top right), though engaged, has much the same problem. Whenever he stops in for breakfast at Whata-burger, "the women come out of the kitchen to check out my legs." In Boston, blue-eyed, seven-year UPS veteran JERRY SHEA, 45 (middle left), is used to the attention—and his wife doesn't get jealous. "When he comes to the door," says customer Nevina Sutera-Saitta, "we all run to answer it." On his South Florida route, WILLIAM CORTY McBRIDE, 33 (bottom right), a 5'10", 165-lb. Little League coach (and happily married father), gets a different response from his grandmotherly clientele: "They bake me cookies and think of me like a son." Speaking of every mother's dream, how about Los Angeleno VICTOR RANKIN, 30 (bottom)? Although UPS provides laundry service, this muscular 6'2", 218-lb. single guy prefers to wash his own. "It's a nice uniform," he says.

In Hollywood, Fla., female admirers of 23-year-old STEVE LOVE have been known to fax his boss with requests for "the Love Doctor." But things get even worse during heat waves, says the unmarried business student, weight lifter and Rollerblader: "Women really love the shorts."

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