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originally published 07/19/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

The breakup of Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson's marriage had readers seething (PEOPLE, June 28). Correspondents read Burt the riot act for what they felt was his selfishness in not letting Loni pursue her own career, particularly after her 11 years of devotion to his.

Wait a minute, let me get this straight: Loni physically cared for, as well as stood by, Burt during his lengthy illness, drug dependency and resulting lack of money. He has now regained his health, overcome his addiction and is rolling in money, and he feels they have simply "grown in different directions"? Obviously Burl never mastered the concept of taking turns. The 1993 Pork Award is hereby awarded to Burt Reynolds! Loni, honey, you're better off without him. Burt, your curly tail is showing!
SUSAN C. GRIFFIN, San Francisco

I am in shock! Burt and Loni, the most beautiful couple in Hollywood, are calling it quits. This can't be happening. What's wrong with these movie stars, anyway? They have everything their hearts desire, but they can't stay in love. What a pity!
TINA HAYS, Fremont, Calif.

Burt and Loni's ordeal reminds me of the quote "The American male doesn't mature until he has exhausted all possibilities."
ANNE PALS, St. Charles, Mo.

What is Burt Reynolds, a control freak? "He" decided Loni should stay home with Quinton. "He" decided she spent too much money. "He" decided to get a divorce. Loni stuck by him for 11 years when he was a nobody; now "he" decides to hit the road. Well, he can't control me, and I will never watch another show that he is in. God bless you, Loni, and good luck.
GERALDINE BERRY, Roneville, Mich.

I guess I don't understand the commotion. I am an informed, intelligent parent of a bright, inquisitive 8-year-old boy. I took my son to Jurassic Park because he has been studying dinosaurs since he was 3. His second-grade teacher presented a unit on dinosaurs this year, and he and his friend were ready for this movie. They understood that herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat meat, and that humans are meat. Sure, they thought it was gross, but they weren't surprised. As for the toys, the marketing might have been handled better, but the educational value and imaginations they fuel are priceless.
CINDY FERRELL, Jackson Hole, Wyo.

PG-13 means parental guidance, not parental give-in! Parental responsibility should supersede media hype. As adults, it is part of our job to be the final arbiters between our children and the advertising overload they are subjected to. My 12-year-old son has seen Jurassic Park, and my 7-year-old will not.
ANN-MARIE MROZINSKI, Marstons Mills, Mass.

Sally Beadle's plight concerning Charles Givens's bad advice brought back horrible memories. We too went to his "rags-to-riches" seminar. We too followed his "money-saving" advice concerning raising the deductible on our comprehensive car insurance coverage. After all, the man giving the seminar asked us, "How often does bad weather actually damage your car?" Just one week after we raised the deductible, a hailstorm ruined both our cars.
MAX AND RENEE LOPEZ, Rapid City, S. Dak.

After years of being dragged to "free" seminars by my boyfriend, I am overjoyed to learn that one of these Get Rich Gurus has finally been exposed. The explicit theme of every one of these live commercials is that only those with the willingness to fork over money deserve to become wealthy. I confess to leaving a Givens meeting feeling extremely depressed because, as an unemployed single parent, there was no way I could purchase the dream. These feelings lasted until I recalled the very first seminar I ever attended. The comment I made at the time is still relevant: "If this guy has been so good at making money at this, why is he here selling this stuff?"
REGINA R. ROSE, Covington, Ky.

Elena Monica's story is a sad one, but I was taken aback by her comment that she is "obviously" practicing safe sex with her current boyfriend. The obvious thing to practice would seem to be abstinence.

When did fathers decide that the only thing they owe their children is just what the courts order? I don't know much about the law, but I know about morality and responsibility. Rhode Island's Gov. Bruce Sundlun owes his daughter a lot more than he has given her so far. And I am not just talking about money.

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