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Lambasted By Lennon

In 1971, troubled by what he thought of as "hopelessness" in John Lennon's album Imagine, the title song of which includes the words "Imagine there's no heaven...,"

Tom Bonifield of Lexington, Ky., wrote the ex-Beatle what he says was a gentle letter encouraging him to be less negative and more spiritual.

In response, Lennon sent Bonifield a matchbook from the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, where he and Yoko Ono were then living, and this handwritten note (some punctuation corrected):

"Listen, Brother, Why don't you Jesus Freaks get off people's backs? It's been the same for two thousand years—won't you ever learn? Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know. Your peace of mind doesn't show in your neurotic letter, son. One man's meat—brother! Peace off! John + Yoko."

How do we know this? The letter was shown at auction last month in New York City. It went to an anonymous bidder for $3,300.

Actor Ron Silver, recently separated from wife Lynne after 17 years of marriage, is now dating Los Angeles newscaster Tawny Little. Silver tells us that "Tawny had nothing to do with" the breakup. "I started seeing Tawny after Lynne and I split," he says. "Nobody left anybody for anybody else."


We needn't remind E.T.'s John Tesh that he kissed his first girl when he was 11 during a game of spin the bottle in the basement of his home in Garden City, N.Y. We needn't because the girl he kissed, Alexandra Zabriski, has already done it for us. Last month Tesh performed music from his Monterey Nights CD in Monterey, Calif. Zabriski, who attended one of the two concerts with her husband, Bob Castanos, sent Tesh a yellow rose before the show along with a note recalling their smooch. Tesh, who hadn't seen Zabriski since childhood, introduced her from the stage.

And where was Tesh's wife, Connie Sellecca, during all this? (After all, Tesh proposed to Sellecca in Monterey in 1991.) She was attending her 20th high school reunion in Ramapo, N.Y., where she met briefly with her old high school boyfriend, Billy Einhorn.

Another example of a trend we've noted: The trailer for Sleepless in Seattle, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. recycles music from the Hanks movie Big. "This is not a new phenomenon," says a rep at TriStar, the Sleepless studio. "Since trailers are usually done way before a film is scored, why not use a piece of music from the star's movie past?"

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