updated 08/23/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 08/23/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Oprah Winfrey is expecting any day now. Well, Arizona, one of her five golden retrievers—Oprah also has a black Labrador and two mixed breeds—is about to deliver puppies. Winfrey reports that Arizona "had a great summer," cavorting around the talk show host's Indiana farmhouse with Shane, another golden. "Shane's the king of our household," says Winfrey, 39, who shares the getaway with fiancé Stedman Graham. "He gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants and goes anywhere he wants. Except our bed. We love our dogs, but Stedman and I don't need company in bed."

Can Flwes may look like a hotshot in Mel Brooks's new Robin Hood: Men in Tights., but to play the bandit of Sherwood Forest the British actor spent long hours training with archery expert Jack Verbois—and still seldom hit the mark. "Most of the time, they were just close," says Elwes, 30. "To make matters worse, when it came time to shoot the big scene where I had to hit the bull's-eye, the bow and arrow were different than what I used before. I wasn't hitting anything—not even the target." Finally, Verbois placed a rock on the ground a few feet to the right of the mark. "Just before the take, Jack said, 'Aim for the rock, and I guarantee you will hit the target.' I fired and hit the bull's-eye. I still don't know how he did it."

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 28, one of the three Salem witches in Disney's Hocus Pocus, has found a splendid way to use her temporary persona. An avowed homebody who would rather stay in with boyfriend Matthew Broderick than romp around in the public eye, Parker had her fill of the wrong kind of exposure two years ago, during her short-lived romance with John F. Kennedy Jr. "I was constantly calling the tabloids, saying, 'Hi, this is Sarah Jessica Parker. I never went to that restaurant in my life, nor would I ever do that in public' Maybe now I can put a spell on them: 'Leave Sarah alone. Leave Sarah alone.' "

Talk show host Arsenio Hall would like to appear in another movie. (His film credits include 1988's Coming to America and 1989's Harlem Nights.) The only problem, he says, is that he keeps being offered scripts "that Pauly Shore turned down—and I didn't like the ones he took." The solution? Hall stepped in as the executive producer of Bopha!, a $10 million apartheid drama due Sept. 24. "People felt it wouldn't make money—it's not Home Alone 6—but I loved the story so I stayed with it," says Hall, 38, who hired Morgan Freeman to direct and Danny Glover to star. "It was like owning a sports franchise and having to find a coach and put a team together and let them play. Morgan Freeman was my Pat Riley, and Danny Glover was my Magic Johnson." How did his team finish? Says Hall proudly: "They won. They took it all."

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