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updated 09/06/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/06/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Farewell, Ferragamo. Ciao, Manolo. Take a hike, Reebok: This season, bare feet are stepping out everywhere from chat shows to church. When Julia Roberts knelt at the altar on June 27, for example, wedding guests caught a glimpse of her (grubby) soles. On July 9, Sade sang shoeless on The Tonight Show, and Calvin Klein presented a brigade of barefoot beauties at his June 3 showing at the Hollywood Bowl. (Among them: ├╝ber-waif Kate Moss, who makes a habit of skipping shoes. "Walking barefoot always makes you feel it's summer," she explains.) Megamodels Beverly Peele and Christy Turlington have been snapped in designer duds without so much as polish on their toes (both on and off the runway), and fashion iconoclast Drew Barrymore is often shoe-free. At the People's Choice Awards in March, show-it-all Demi Moore (who had just broken a toe) displayed bare feet festooned with rhinestones. On MTV, VJ Kennedy sometimes goes barefoot on-camera, and Liz Taylor, John Goodman, Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Perkins will make fashion statements as barefoot Bed-rockers when The Flintstones (now in much-hyped trailers) debuts next year. To talk show host Jane Whitney, the shoeless look is a matter of comfort: "I have an affinity for killer heels, but practicality dictates that if you're going to truck around the audience, you have to go barefoot," she says. And never mind that it's newly chic: "Oh, please, don't tell me I'm finally fashion-forward!" she says. "I've waited 43 years."

What's the message? While working women won't toss their trusty pumps, naked feet appeal to free spirits after the nymph look. Even shoe designer Stuart Weitzman understands the trend: "Have you seen the mountain boots on the runways these days? I don't blame women for voting with their feet."

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