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Michael Jackson's celebrity friends may not be flocking to his defense against charges of child abuse, but his fans certainly are (PEOPLE, Sept. 6). Except for a few skeptics, most correspondents believe Jackson is as innocent as his alter ego, Peter Pan. There were no kind words, though, for Ken Lakeberg, father of conjoined twins recently separated by surgery.

It is possible to view the situation with Prince Charles, Princess Diana and their sons in a totally negative way. However, the boys will have the best of both worlds. They have parents whose altitudes are very different, which could result in more wellrounded personalities. A little privacy might help the princes work through this confusing period in their lives.

I find it very annoying that after waiting several hours for rides on a recent vacation to Disney World, I read that the "queues were not a problem" for Princess Di's group. How insensitive can both Disney World and Di be! I would worry if I were her, because without her title she may find herself at the end of many lines.
JANET NUCCIO, Arlington Heights, Ill.

I simply cannot believe that any decent human being would believe that Michael Jackson would sexually abuse a child. Jackson is an extremely generous person and has obviously been taken advantage of by people just out to make a buck. Jackson's Heal the World Foundation is just what we need in times like these, with children dying everywhere and people doing nothing about it. Maybe if people would stop being so selfish they would realize that Michael is a man whose example we should all follow.
ANGELA DAWE, Lansing, Mich.

Michael Jackson doesn't need his celebrity friends to defend him. No one can convince me Michael would ever harm a child.
BARBARA A. LAGOS, Sarasota, Fla.

My son Joey is 5 years old and loves Michael Jackson. He is next on the list to meet Michael through the Make a Wish Foundation. I can't believe the nerve of people who want to hurl someone who has done so much for my son and other children. I am a very overprotective mother, but I would not hesitate to have my son meet his idol, and these claims do not deter me at all.

Your photograph of Michael Jackson with Brooke Shields and Emmanuel Lewis in 1984 portrays him as a nice-looking young man. Less than a decade and God knows how many plastic surgeries later, he is, by his own device, a bizarre, nonhuman-looking entity. Why then would it be so hard to believe that this 35-year-old man, who has never publicly admitted to a conventional romantic relationship and who sleeps with little boys, might be capable of this?
NANETTE GAZLAY, Bellingham, Wash.

Your article basically convicted and sentenced Michael without showing the other side of the story. With all the children Michael has had at his ranch, and with all the children he has spent time with over the years of his career, wouldn't you think that more than one child would come forward claiming abuse?

Now I know why Ken and Joey Lakeberg decided to carry their Siamese twins to term: Their ultrasound revealed a winning lottery ticket. Can't wait to see the TV movie!

I'm not quite sure which of the Lakeberg twins is luckier—the one that survived the surgery or the one that did not. It horrifies me to think that Angela is going to be raised by someone as selfish, ignorant and emotionally stun led as Ken Lakeberg. To think the American public opened their hearts and wallets in the belief that the money would go to pay for medical expenses, and the twins' father, the arrogant cokehead, blows the money on a binge and "good restaurants."
GARY LEDONNE, Westport, Conn.

I have learned that no matter how well-meaning the cause, there are a few things you cannot control. You can't expect stupid people lo handle fame or money correctly, you can't expect stupid people to know right from wrong, and you can't keep stupid people from breeding and making their children suffer for their stupidity.
KRISTINA ROGERS, South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

With his absolutely superb performance in The Fugitive, Tommy Lee Jones has successfully turned the star, Harrison Ford, into a supporting player! Tommy Lee, get a space ready on your mantel in Texas for that Oscar!

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