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updated 10/04/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 10/04/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

>Emmylou Harris


ON HER LATEST ALBUM, EMMYLOU Harris presents herself as a lone sojourner on life's road, wondering urgently where she's bound. "This has been a real period of solitude and introspection, for me," says Harris, 44, who was divorced last year from her third husband, producer-songwriter Paul Kennerley. "I wouldn't call Cowgirl's Prayer a religious album," she adds. "But it does have a sense of searching for peace of mind, for love, for some connection to our spiritual selves. There's definitely an inner restlessness there."

After a nomadic start, the Marine pilot's daughter—who was raised in a string of cities across the Southeast—and former footloose rock and roller is now physically, if not spiritually, settled in Nashville, where she lives with the youngest of her two daughters, Meghann, 14. "After 20 years as a working musician, I'm still exhilarated by getting on that bus and performing for people, but Nashville is a city that is conducive to work and to raising kids, and those are my priorities right now," says Harris. Accordingly, she restricts her tours to the summer months when Meghann lives in Los Angeles with her father, and the rest of the year ends her workday when Meghann gets home from school. "When Meghann's off to college, who knows what I'll do?" says Harris. "Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I weren't singing and performing all the time. I keep telling myself that I have the option of retiring," she adds. "But that's probably one of the things I'll be thinking about on my deathbed."

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