updated 11/01/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/01/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

Even wife Kirstie Alley and 1-year-old son William True felt "alienated" recently when onetime Baywatch beachboy Parker Stevenson returned from Australia after filming Official Denial (Sci-Fi Channel, Nov. 20). "My wife wouldn't come within a 20-foot radius of me for 12 hours," says Stevenson, 41, who shaved his head to play a man abducted by aliens. "My son just stared at me, horrified, for a few days. I don't have one of those great-shaped heads like Marlon Brando. I look like a Conehead."

Elizabeth McGovern doesn't waste any time. Her new film, Me & Veronica, a drama about two estranged sisters costarring Patricia Wettig, "had an incredibly concentrated, short shooting schedule—something like 27 or 32 days," she says. "I really liked working that way." Off the set, McGovern, 32, works just as fast. "Since then, I got married, moved to London and had a baby. It kind of happened before I knew what I was doing. There I was with husband and child." Now she has slowed down a bit. McGovern isn't making any acting plans: she says she's happy at home with husband Simon Curtis, a British director-producer, and 3-month-old Matilda.

Michael J. Fox, who came of age as Family Ties' Alex P. Keaton, the ultimate '80s yuppie-in-training, will supplement his lukewarm acting career by directing himself in an upcoming film. In Thirty Wishes, Fox will play a disillusioned young man turning 30. "We're the post-Pepsi generation," says Fox, 32. "It's a different group that is just coming into its own. I think there's a lot of resentment among my generation toward the baby boomers. They got free love; we got AIDS. They got acid trips; we got crack. People graduate from college and work at McDonald's. It's a different world."

British supermodel Kate Moss commands up to $10,000 a day, but, according to a recent interview in London's The Independent, the wispy 19-year-old beauty may be wondering if perhaps you can be too rich and too thin. Her collaboration with photographer-beau Mario Sorrenti, 21, produced the most recent controversial ads for Calvin Klein's Obsession—and some friction at home. "We do our best work together, but it puts such pressure on the relationship that we argue all the time. It's such a nightmare," says Moss. "He's very old-fashioned. He wants me to have kids because then he thinks I can't run off with his baby. But I don't want to have kids because I'm too young. I wouldn't now, especially for a reason like that."

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