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updated 04/04/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/04/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT


True, the movie business can be tough, but even so, a source was surprised to see Steve Martin sporting a shiner recently at Isabella's, a restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

No, Martin's injury was not the result of "creative differences" with a director or a salary battle with a producer. According to his spokeswoman, the 48-year-old actor sustained the black eye on the set of director Nora Ephron's as-yet-untitled black comedy about the people who work at a suicide hot line on Christmas Eve, scheduled to be released after Thanksgiving. Actor Anthony LaPaglia, says the spokeswoman, accidently elbowed Martin in the eye while filming a scene.

Nonetheless, Martin hasn't missed any time before the cameras, adds the rep, thanks to the magic of makeup. So what's the actor's take on all this? Jokes Martin: "Anything for sympathy."


Among the celebrities attending an exclusive after-Oscar party at Morton's in West Hollywood, thrown by Vanity Fair and producer Steve Tisch, was Alana Stewart, who told us that she and her first husband, George Hamilton, are in the process of developing a syndicated talk show of their own.

Stewart, who has remained friends with Hamilton despite the fact that they ended their four-year marriage in 1976, got the idea for the show after seeing Hamilton serve as guest host on Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee back in January. Her thinking: "We're like oil and water—which should work well on TV."

Speaking of oil and water, we asked about what's in store for the couple's son, 19-year-old Ashley Hamilton, and his estranged wife, Shannen Doherty, 22. According to Stewart, they are still "trying to work things out."


It appears as if nothing comes between Brooke Shields, 28, and tennis star Andre Agassi, 23, these days. The two are often spotted in public together and even graced the cover of a national tabloid.

So when Shields told us recently that she wants "to have a baby one day" and looks forward "to being a good parent," we got to wondering. Might Shields be planning for Agassi to be the father? Ever the coy-one, Shields simply giggled but wouldn't say yes or no.

Burt Reynolds has signed a $1 million-plus contract with Hyperion Books for an autobiography due out in the fall. While the star of Evening Shade has certainly racked up some good material for the book in the past few weeks, what with fighting off would-be muggers and wangling an estimated $200,000 for working as a ring announcer at Wrestle Mania X at New York City's Madison Square Garden on March 20, we hear he'll concentrate on his past relationships with Dinah Shore, Sally Field and, of course, Loni Anderson.

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