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originally published 04/18/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

By and large, correspondents approved of the relationship between comic Jerry Seinfeld, 39, and college student Shoshanna Lonstein, 18 (PEOPLE, March 28). "Age," wrote one reader, "is a measure of days, not maturity." Other correspondents wrote to complain about readers who criticized Jacqueline Onassis for her involvement with financier Maurice Tempelsman.

PEOPLE calls it an unlikely romance between Shoshanna Lonstein and Jerry Seinfeld. She's young, pretty and busty. He's famous, a nerd supreme and rich. This relationship is neither unlikely nor uncommon. Why wouldn't it work?

It seems it is the norm in Hollywood for a star to marry someone his age, have several children, then, when he hits the middle-age crazies, to dump said family and run around with women 20 years younger. Jerry Seinfeld is to be congratulated for eliminating the middle woman and saving some "dumpee" from heartbreak.
B.J. PETERSON, Los Angeles

If Jerry Seinfeld were 59 and Shoshanna Lonstein were 38, people would be happy for them. There's only one word to describe anyone who would criticize these two adults: jealous.
ROD GOEMAN, Madison, S.Dak.

When I was Shoshanna Lonstein's lender age, I should have been with someone as caring, intelligent and together as Jerry Seinfeld. It takes lime for a guy to become a man, and a man is what is required to fully appreciate a woman of any age.
ELAYNE DENER, Stamford, Conn.

I would hate to be a 39-year-old man and think I could "click" with an 18-year-old child. Jerry Seinfeld should be ashamed of himself.
DEBORAH HOLLINS, Stone Mountain, Ga.

If there were ever a compelling reason to support the death penalty for the perpetrators of heinous crimes, it's the Jeffrey Dahmer story. So, he passes his 957-year sentence spending his time "studying art books... listening to Schubert...eating well (30-pound weight gain)..." Does he have a wine cellar too? When are our politicians and lawmakers going to wake up and smell the coffee? It's not our health-care system that requires reformation, it's our legal system! We constantly hear complaints from our lawmakers about prison overcrowding. The answer is simple: Thin the herd by enforcing the death penalty on those who deserve it.
JEAN M. HOLDRIDGE, Columbus, Ohio

If Lionel Dahmer claims that his son Jeffrey exhibited no signs of odd behavior as a child, why bother to write a book? This is just another example of a person making money off the misfortune of others—Jeffrey Dahmer's victims.
MIA COSGROVE, El Cajon, Calif.

Anfernee Hardaway slates, "I'm like the biggest thing that came out of Memphis—besides Elvis." Excuse me! What about Jerry Lee Lewis, B.B. King, Al Green, W.C. Handy, Charlie Rich, Kathy Bates, Dixie Carter and Cybill Shepherd, not to mention Memphis's own Pie Lady? Perhaps Anfernee should stop by there and pick up a piece of humble pie.

Brian Austin Green should be ashamed for his insensitive comment regarding River Phoenix! I'm sure River's family was hurt by Brian's remark that he didn't want to be turned into "f—ing River Phoenix" because he lit a cigarette. In my opinion, River was one of the most talented young actors of his generation.
GINA EASTMAN, Arlington, Texas

I am sick to the core of women accusing other women of "stealing" someone's husband. Jackie O could no more steal Maurice Tempelsman from his wife than I could steal Bill from Hillary! Mr. Tempelsman (the married party here) is committing adultery, not Jackie. Maybe Mr. Tempelsman has brought heartache to his wife, but Jackie certainly hasn't. Mr. Tempelsman left his wife of his own free will.
JOHNICK COX, Los Angeles

I never realized how downright hateful some people can be until I read the letters regarding the story on Jacqueline Onassis. Some of your correspondents appear to be holier-than-thou people who are, at the very least, quite judgmental. None of us has the right to question how another person chooses to live, and we surely have no tight to assume what another person is thinking, as a couple of your readers did on behalf of Mrs. Tempelsman. I am very surprised I would have to point these things out to people who claim to live by the Good Book.
JIM TOULSON, New York City

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