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updated 04/18/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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What better way for Sean Connery to let the world know that his throat problems are under control than to take a role requiring only his voice? Connery, who admitted last November that he underwent six weeks of radiation therapy at a London hospital for an undisclosed throat condition, is about to sign on the dotted line to be the voice of a computer-generated dragon in Dragonheart. The live-action-adventure film for Universal Pictures is about a dragon and a knight who join forces in an effort to topple an evil prince.

A source close to Connery says the 63-year-old actor's deal "is being negotiated now."

When it comes to production costs, Hollywood movie executives seem to be better at preaching belt-tightening than practicing it. Among the pricey films now shooting or about to go into production: True Lies, due in July, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a government secret agent working to prevent possible nuclear terrorist attacks. Several sources place the movie's budget at $120 million, which would make it the most expensive film ever made. Then there's Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner in a futuristic, action-adventure film, part of which takes place underwater. With shooting still more than a month away, we're hearing Waterworld's proposed budget has already gushed to $100 million. The epic adventure Brave Heart, in which Mel Gilbson is expected to play an 8th-century Gallic warrior, doesn't even have a start date yet, but already the film has a rumored $80 million price tag. And we hear that the final budget for Cutthroat Island, starring Geena Davis and Michael Douglas in search of pirate treasure in the 17th century, could be $75 million by the time production starts in June. Naturally, reps for each of these projects say the figures are exaggerated—but not by much.


Designer Calvin Klein is a man who knows what he likes in clothes, in scents—and in food. According to Obsession: The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein, an unauthorized bio by Steven Gaines and Sharon Churcher due next month from Carol Publishing, Klein is a very finicky eater. So finicky that the refrigerator at his East Hampton, N.Y., mansion is filled at all times with chicken salad made from free-range chicken stocked at a local farm "and slaughtered daily for Calvin." The 51-year-old designer's only between-meal snacks are the assorted fresh berries that his kitchen staff buys and then " find the most perfect ones to serve him."

As for Klein's wife, Kelly, who's in her mid-30s, the authors say she's careful about what she eats because she is afraid of gaining weight. They say Calvin monitors her food intake "like a hawk." Klein declined to comment.

It has been kept rather quiet, but 44-year-old actress Teri Garr has become a mother. Garr, who married John O'Neil, 42, a Los Angeles contractor, in November, adopted a baby girl one month later. The child, Molly, is now 4 months old.

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