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updated 05/02/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/02/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT


BASIA TRZETRZELEWSKA'S IN LOVE. YOU CAN TELL BY SOME of the song titles on her latest album, The Sweetest Illusion: "Drunk on Love," "Rachel's Wedding," "Simple Pleasures." Or just ask the 34-year-old, Polish-born London singer herself. "If people ask what my job is," she says, "I say that I'm a housewife." The guy generating Basia's glow is her trumpet player, Kevin Robinson, one of her 12-member band. She fell for him while touring behind their 1989 album, London Warsaw New York. "We're not married," she says, "but it's almost the same."

Though she fancies herself more homebody than international diva, Basia claims that only a couple of the album's songs—"Yearning" and "My Cruel Ways"—were fired by her current relationship. Renewed lies to her family (her father is dead, but her mother, two brothers and a sister still live in Poland), with whom she lost touch while she was recording her second album and then touring, also whetted her creative appetite.

But it's Sting, whose Ten Summoner's Tales is the CD getting the heaviest rotation on Basia's player these days, whom she credits with giving her divine inspiration. And although the ex-Policeman—she met him earlier this year—told her the admiration was mutual, the modest Basia is not so sure. "I think he was just being polite," she says. "How could he be listening to us?"

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