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originally published 05/23/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Judging by this week's mail, there is not much sympathy out there in readership-land for Roseanne and Tom Arnold (PEOPLE, May 2) and their spectacularly noisy domestic travails. Most correspondents suspected the couple's three-day split was nothing more than a noxious publicity stunt. Those who took sides were likely to echo the reader who advised Roseanne, "Do yourself a favor, dump Tom."

Raging Bulls? I don't think so. Just possibly squealing pigs or braying jackasses!

Someone please tell Roseanne and Yoko Arnold that in America unemployment is rampant, children are being slaughtered over leather jackets and gold chains, and many people have to sacrifice groceries just to have a prescription filled. What makes them think the public is hanging on the edge of its collective seat over their pathetic out-of-control lives? Any credibility these two mental patients ever had was lost with this latest publicity stunt.
DENYSA M. BRAUN, Philadelphia

What dupes you are! You played right into Tom and Roseanne's hands. The May sweeps are coming up, and they land on the cover of PEOPLE.
KRISTI HINDS, Buena Park, Calif.

Come on, Roseanne, can't you think of something more original for once? When publicity is negative, you pick the disease of the week to divert attention and engender undeserved sympathy. First it was the incest and abuse you conveniently remembered after the disastrous anthem singing. Now it is the battered wife and divorce-filing following the appearance of your family on 60 Minutes, during which they effectively and convincingly stated their case on your "false memory syndrome." What bugs me even more than all of your subterfuge is that a good portion of the public and the media is actually buying it.
JAMIE HEINHOLD, Bountiful, Utah

Roseanne and Tom should terminate Kim Silva and hire me for $75,000 a year. I come with 17 years' experience and references, have my own car and can pay my own rent. I solemnly swear never to have an affair with Tom or Roseanne!
KAT PETERSON, LaCanada, Calif.

What more is there to say about Tom and Roseanne Arnold than what they already have said about themselves: "We're every person's nightmare—white trash with money!"

Bravo, Jennifer! A beautiful, intelligent and capable young woman of 25 doesn't need Sly's money, nor does she have to contend with a 47-year-old cheating dog with all that baggage. She's got more class in her little finger than Sly has in his whole pumped-up body.
BUNNY FIELD, West Hills, Calif.

By sending a handwritten letter via Federal Express, unceremoniously clumping his lover of seven years, the overrated Stallone has shown that the blows to the head sustained as Rocky have finally taken their toll.

I guess I should thank you for not completely trashing my old high school friend Janice Dickinson. Though I feel for Ms. Flavin, "no strings attached" means just that. If Janice and Sly Stallone have made a commitment to have and raise a child together, I am sure that this was not done on a whim.
GLORIA M. WELSH, Ormond Beach, Fla.

Your misguided decision to waste six pages glorifying the Landau family is an insult to the many Israelis and Palestinians who are desperately working to bring peace and mutual security to this troubled region. Illegal settlements like Kiryat Arba, along with the fanatical armed settlers who populate them, represent the primary obstacle to a just and lasting peace.
JOSEPH H. SAAH, Berkeley, Calif.

Thank you for your article about Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz. It couldn't have been more timely. In April I gave birth to twins, one of whom has Down syndrome. While I am not naive enough to believe that every child with Down syndrome can achieve what these boys have, it is comforting to know that the potential exists for my child. With a little help and a lot of love, I hope to raise my son, as well as his sister, to be a happy, productive adult. What more can a mother ask for?
DEBBIE MINDELL, Chicopee, Mass.

Thank you for your article on Tarah Lynne Schaeffer and osteogenesis imperfecta, a brittle-bone disease. It is important to mention that OI is often misdiagnosed as child abuse and that due to ignorance families are torn apart—sometimes permanently. The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation has been working for 20 years to fund research for a cure and to distribute information and provide support to families. For more information, contact the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, 5005 West Laurel Street, Suite 210. Tampa. Fla. 33607.
JERRY A. THOMAS, Board of Directors, Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, Gardena, Calif.

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