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updated 06/20/1994 AT 01:00 AM EDT

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Just what actor Timothy Bus-field didn't need after the recent cancellation of his ABC series The Byrds of Paradise—another woman swearing that he made inappropriate sexual overtures to her. This time, it's actress Eliza Roberts, the 39-year-old wife of actor Eric Roberts and the sister-in-law of Julia Roberts.

Busfield's troubles began in March when a then 17-year-old movie extra alleged that he had sexually harassed her last fall on the Minnesota set of Little Big League, a comedy due out in June. Since then two other Minnesota women, Erin Layer, 23, and Karen Gentilini, 37, have filed sworn statements in support of the teenager.

Now Roberts says in a sworn affidavit that five years ago, Busfield, an acquaintance, approached her in a Santa Monica store and said he was attracted to her. Roberts says she tried to move away, but he persisted, speaking graphically about his desire for her. When she didn't respond he said, "I guess you're really not interested, so I'm going to go away." He did, and Roberts says she has not seen him since.

Busfield has denied the allegations of the 17-year-old extra, and he is not making any comment about Roberts, Layer and Gentilini because, according to Busfield's lawyer, their affidavits "are part of a plan" by the extra's attorney "to get us to settle a claim that has no merit."


Is Robert Redford getting a bit sensitive about his image? When The New York Times critic Stephen Holden recently wrote that the actor-director is painted as "a self-enraptured do-gooder" by comedian Mort Sahl in his one-man Off-Broadway show, Mort Sethi's America, Redford had his publicist, Lois Smith, call Sahl and register Redford's concern. Says Smith: "Sahl is saying things about Bob that aren't true, and Bob doesn't think it's fair."

But Sahl has no intention of changing his act. As he has said many times, his humor contains "all of the truth and some of the facts."


Famous singers continue to chime in on Frank Sinatra's second Duets album. First, Willie Nelson matched his version of "My Way" to one by the Chairman of the Board. Now Linda Ronstadt has recorded "Moonlight in Vermont," and George Strait has done "Fly Me to the Moon." Country singer Lorrie Morgan also lent her voice to the project, integrating her "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" with Sinatra's track of "My Funny Valentine."

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