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originally published 09/14/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Correspondents were less enamored of Clint Black and Lisa Hartman than The newlyweds are with each other (PEOPLE. Aug. 24). Most were country-music fans disenchanted with singer Mack's crossover choice for a bride.

I've never seen two people so head over heels in love as these two. Bui win is there always someone trying to ruin others' happiness? Calling Lisa Hartman "the Robin Givens of country music" is hitting below the belt. My suggestion is that if they ever make the TV movie about the life of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Clint and Lisa should get the title roles.

I was under the impression that you love the person you marry for what he or she is. Lisa Hartman walked into Clint Black's life and felt necessary to make changes. She changed his hair, his music, stripped away his hat and also some fans. We liked Clint the way he was.
KENDRA MENKE, Algona, Iowa

Call me a jealous woman, but Clint Black marrying Lisa Hartman is like Roy Rogers marrying Zsa Zsa Cabor! I don't personally have anything against Lisa, except she seems so worldly compared to Clint, who seems so sweet, wholesome and innocent. Lisa just looks like she's been around, and poor Clint probably doesn't know what hit him. Of course, he may not care!
JOAN CRAWFORD, Orange, Calif.

Tori Spelling claims she "never wanted anything handed" to her. In that case, how many times did she have to make her bed to earn enough allowance money to afford that BMW?
KARIM SIMISKY, Cheshire, Conn.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. Born into great wealth, Tori Spelling, at age 19), lives in a $100 million home, drives a BMW convertible and is the untalented star of her father's hit television show. I would love to be as "unspoiled" as Ms. Spelling. As for not being looked at as Aaron Spelling's daughter, get real, Tori!
JASON GREY, North Jersey, N.J.

You do your readers a disservice by your biased reporting of Latisha Harlins's killing in Los Angeles. I very much regret the unfortunate death of this young woman. However, the video shows Ms. Harlins repeatedly and viciously striking the clerk [who shot her]. Certainly not behavior one might expect from an "honor student," and definitely not the saint your report portrays. Further, in this exceptionally high crime area, it is not unreasonable to believe a theft was occurring when Ms. Marlins put the item into her knapsack before paying for it.
SARA STONER, Columbus, Ohio

What gives? The photo of Goldie Hawn shows her left hand is beautifully manicured, but her right hand appears to have no nails at all! Obviously a man did this pasteup work, or Goldie's right hand belongs to someone else.
DIANN ROBERTS, Rowlett, Tex.

In the process of silhouetting Goldie's picture on the page, we inadvertently trimmed out her nails along with the original background. We regret the manicure.—ED.

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