Picks and Pans Review: Change Everything

updated 09/21/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/21/1992 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Del Amitri

How often albums you love on first listen are soon exiled to CD Siberia beside your Peter Frampton collection. But the more you play this Scottish quintet's third release, the better it gets.

One reason is that Change Everything cuts a broad and confident swath. There are rowdy rockers, a couple of tunes targeted for Top 40 ("Always the Last to Know" and "I Won't Take the Blame") and sad beauties like "Be My Downfall" and "The First Rule of Love." Meanwhile, Justin Currie's smooth voice is the needle that stitches the musical patchwork together.

Whatever the tempo, every melody is elegant and memorable. You'll remember the lyrics too, but not for elegance. Relationships seldom turn out well. On "The First Rule of Love," for instance, Currie instincts, "Love is like gravity holding down your heart." The title of another tune, "The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere," sums up the attitude. The contrast between lyrics and melody is actually the hook that yanks you in. Change Everything gives you the bitter with the sweet. Sort of like life. (A&M)

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