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updated 11/02/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/02/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST


Daniel Day-Lewis, of piercing eyes and flowing mane, conquers the heart of a redcoat's daughter in The Last of the Mohicans. Andre Agassi, the hirsute Zen master of tennis, reduced Barbra Streisand to sheer babble ("He's very evolved, more than his linear years") during the recent U.S. Open tournament. Wavy-locked pop singer Michael Bolton has a reputation for rescuing damsels on the rebound—first Marla Maples (during a brief separation from helmet-haired Donald Trump) and now Nicolette Sheridan, fresh from her split with short-tressed Harry Hamlin. With neither money nor power, but plenty of hair, Larry Fortensky captured the heart of Elizabeth Taylor. Samson is back in style. The look is sexy—but never rock-star grungy. "The '90s are about romance," says Jose Eber, who styles Fortensky's windblown tresses. "There's something sensual about men with long hair, though not everybody can handle it."

One who certainly can is Fabio, the swashbuckling cover boy of more than 1,000 romance novels. "I like it because it's different," says the 31-year-old supermodel, who shampoos every other day. "It's very much my personality." And it has won him legions of fans, whom he describes as "very polite. They don't use the word 'animal.' But they tell me I look like a lion." For the record, they never ask for locks of his hair, though they do send him locks of their own. "Most of them tell me," he says, "that my hair is nicer than theirs."

And that's the way fans like it. Bolton's admirers, says his fan club manager, Joyce Logan, "send him hair products to make sure his hair stays healthy." And the constant refrain in his mash mail, says Logan, is "Don't cut it. Don't cut it. Don't cut it."

Eber offers some more don'ts for those who dare to go long: Don't blow it dry. Don't wear it too shaggy. Don't grow it much past the shoulders. And don't be wedded to it forever.

Even Fabio, who has worn his hair long for 11 years, sees the scissors at the end of the barber shop. "I'm not going to have long hair when I'm an old man," he says. "I think at that point it will be too much trouble." Especially if he no longer has hair.

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