Picks and Pans Review: Saturday Morning Cartoons

updated 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

>THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE FUZZY THE CARTOON UNIVERSE IS SHIFTING. NBC has left the field completely (opting instead for Saturday Today and a bunch of live-action shows aimed at teens), while Fox is coming on strong. Here's a rundown of the new animated series. (All times Eastern.)

CBS Fievel's American Tails (8 A.M.) Grade: C- The Old West adventures of the immigrant mouse who starred in two animated films. Even for this early hour, the show is incredibly innocuous and dull.

The little Mermaid (8:30 A.M.) Grade: B In this prequel to Disney's hit film, Ariel is a mer-teen. The cartoon has retained enough of the original's look and charm to keep your kids under the sea.

Raw Toonage (11:30 A.M.) Grade: B- This anthology employs both familiar and brand-new Disney characters. Though the sketches are uneven, many exhibit the same hip and pointed attitude of Disney's new feature Aladdin.

ABC Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (9 A.M.) Grade: B- In a minotaur Gunsmoke, two-legged, horse-riding longhorn steers reside in a Wild West town. Handsome but weakly plotted.

Goof Troop (10 A.M.) Grade: D+

Surround a minor Disney character—dorky doggy Goofy—with a lame-o canine cast, and you have a minor cartoon.

The Addams Family (10:30 A.M.) Grade: D Hanna-Barbera has revived the ghoulish vidi-Goth clan. (A cartoon version ran on NBC from 1973 to 1975.) Just what kids need: a badly drawn, witless show rife with sadomasochism.

FOX Dog City (8 A.M.) Grade: C+ Our trench-coaled hero, Ace Heart, is a canine private eye. Vacuous but mildly amusing.

The Plucky Duck Show (10 A.M.) Grade: C This juvenile relative of Daffy Duck even has his juicy lisp. This Tiny Toons spin-off is energetic but rarely funny.

Eek the Cat (10:30 A.M.) Grade: B Like the gleefully vulgar Ren & Stimpy, the tales of this tubby tabby are gross but clever.

Super Dave (11 A.M.) Grade: D- The cable daredevil is now a dumb, poorly drawn cartoon.

X Men (11:30 A.M.) Grade: B+ The debut of the superhero mutants from Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Cyclops, etc.) has been delayed until January. But the sneak previews that ran the past two weeks show a crew as cool-looking as those giant robot cartoons from Japan.

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