updated 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Of the 27,000-plus entrants in the 23rd New York City Marathon, run on Nov. 1, South African Willie Mtolo, 28, finished firs I with a time of 2:09:29, and Australian Lisa Ondieki, 32, led the women in a record 2:24:40. But the sentimental favorite was race founder Fred Lebow, 60, in remission from brain cancer (PEOPLE, Nov. 2, 1992), who, escorted by nine-time champ Crete Waitz, 39, completed the 26.2 miles in 5:32:35.

Writer-director-producer Hal Roach, 100, creator of Our Gang and the man who teamed Laurel with Hardy, died in Los Angeles on Nov. 2 of pneumonia. Breaking into the business in 1912 as a cowboy extra, he went on to found Hal Roach Studios, a springboard for talents like Harold Lloyd. Roach won two Oscars for short films and, in 1984, the Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award....

Sir Kenneth MacMillan, 62, choreographer of London's Royal Ballet, died Oct. 29 of a heart attack while backstage during a performance of his 1978 work, Mayerling. A native of Dunfermline, Scotland, he was best known for his version of Romeo and Juliet.

Alter four years of marriage and two years of very public discord (including one prior separation), Texas Ranger slugger Jose Canseco, 28, and wife Esther, 25, filed for divorce in Miami.

On the eve of the NBA season, Magic Johnson re-retired from the L.A. Lakers. After testing HIV positive in 1991, he left retirement to join the the Dream Team in Barcelona and, encouraged, announced Sept. 29 that he would play some 60 games this year. Lately, some fellow pros publicly voiced concern about competing in a bruising sport against a known HIV carrier. In a statement, Johnson, 33, said, "The controversies surrounding my return are taking away from both basketball and the larger issue of living with HIV."

Actress and UNICEF ambassador Audrey Hepburn, 63, underwent surgery in Los Angeles on Nov. 1 for removal of a malignant tumor in her colon.

A paternity suit brought in Los Angeles by singer Helena Lisandrello, 31, against Robert De Niro suffered a setback when blood tests showed that the actor, 49, is not the biological father of Nina Lisandrello, 10....

Also in Los Angeles, Reginald Denny, 36, the truck driver whose severe beating during last spring's riots was captured on video, became one of some 2,000 people to file a claim for injuries or damages against the city....

Never mind: Cope John Paul II announced Oct. 31 that the Roman Catholic Church was mistaken in 1633 when it condemned an ailing Galileo Galilei for the heresy of declaring that Earth revolved around the sun. The astronomer had been forced to recant his theory before his death eight years later at age 77.

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