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updated 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/16/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Prince William in the can: According to a source at Ludgrove School, where he boards, 10-year-old Wills was "flexing his muscles" last month when he held a fellow student's head in the toilet and flushed. Although his immediate cause of aggrievement was over the boy's "telling tales" about him, Di's older son has hardly stood on protocol this year. Since the September arrival of brother Henry, 8, Wills has been "showing off," according to the source. "Harry is one of the new boys and has had to put up with the usual leg pulling. This is Wills telling others not to mess with him or his brother," says the Ludgrove insider. Après le déluge, the Prince was hauled before the headmaster and warned not to repeat the feat.

Of late, Prince Charles and Princess Diana have been so near and yet so very far apart: At the Queen's behest, the Waleses have been putting on a show of togetherness—appearing more frequently in tandem in an attempt to assuage public concern over the love-bare state of their marriage. But a much hyped night at the opera in London on Oct. 27 bombed when observers caught Chuck turning his back on Di to chat up a female music lover. And travel didn't make their hearts am fonder: On their four-day trip to South Korea, which began on Nov. 2, the grim-faced couple refused to speak to or even look at each other at welcoming ceremonies in Seoul. And their togetherness ended at the Seoul Hyatt. Although Palace aides told the press that the Waleses would share the one-bedroom, $4,000-a-night presidential suite, it was later revealed that Di had a smaller suite nearby.

Even Queen Elizabeth is tightening her custom-made corset. By one report, she has asked three financial experts to advise her on cutting household costs. Time-and-motion studies have been conducted at Buck House, and the Wise Men have recommended such measures as halting the delivery of state papers by horse and carriage. (Motorcycles, they said, could do it cheaper.) Mindful of critics who charge that the Windsors are a drain on the state, she also is said to have volunteered to take a cut in her $12.64 million annual Civil List allocation (which helps cover the cost of travel for public appearances) and considered paying taxes on her annual private income of $40 million. In the meantime, the Duchess of York and her own "financial adviser," John Bryan, are doing quite well: When Fergie celebrated her 33rd birthday last month, Bryan invested in $1,000 worth of lingerie, including a $330 teddy and a $22 garter belt, from posh Harvey Nichols.

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