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originally published 11/23/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Correspondents had little patience with Kathie Lee Gifford's claims of having "suffered" (PEOPLE, Nov. 2). Most seemed to feel that her trials, while genuine, were insufficient grist for an autobiography. Her first husband, Paul Johnson, also wrote to dispute her account of their wedding night.

Kathie Lee Gifford grew up comfortably, with career breaks beyond what her limited talents deserve. She has a great husband, a healthy son, a gorgeous home and a life filled with vacations and parties. Her failed marriage was a simple matter of incompatibility, and a miscarriage is unfortunately not uncommon. Nor is it life threatening. Her life story is hardly worth the cost of a book.
MYRA WEAVER, Hollywood, Fla.

What a lovely, charming article. I watch Live with Regis & Kathie Lee faithfully every morning because of her upbeat, cheery personality. It's nice to know that it's not just an act and that she is truly happy. She deserves whatever good things might come her way!

I have long thought Kathie Lee Gifford was brain-dead, and your article confirms my suspicions. How dare she call an amicable divorce and one miscarriage "suffering"! Perhaps Kathie Lee, Frank and that spoiled child of theirs should skip Colorado and take their next vacation someplace they've never been before—reality.

As an avid fan of Kathie Lee Gifford, I want to thank you for the fantastic article and pictures. Kathie Lee is clearly a role model and inspiration to marriage and motherhood, but shame on you for putting Madonna on the same cover.

I have much different memories of my wedding night with Kathie Lee. The honeymoon pictures I have show both of us to be happy and playful and very much in love. Everything about it was "successful" for me. This is the first time I've heard that it wasn't for her. In spinning this yarn to have a best-selling book, Kathie Lee has documented to the world the very reason why our marriage failed. It's impossible to build genuine intimacy with someone who converts every private and sacred moment into burlesque material for her public forum.
PALL JOHNSON, Woodland Hills, Calif.

As I see it, Kathie Lee Gifford has had about 14½ more minutes of fame than she deserves.

Kathie Lee Gifford has turned her need to rewrite history into a Judas-like fine art. I have known Paul Johnson, her first husband, like a brother for over 24 years, and I listened to his pain during the marriage and the divorce. We who were there know that Kathie Lee's version of the story will please her fans, but if it gets fact checked at the pearly gates, she is in deep caca.
ROY M. CARLISLE, Los Gatos, Calif.

Madonna is living proof that one person's fantasy is another person's nightmare.
SUSAN SINCERO, Briarcliff, N. Y.

I believe that Madonna is nothing more than a greedy, pathetic, talentless, tawdry little trollop with a severe, congenital need for the basest of adulation. A League of her own indeed!
JEREMY W. BOND, Burlington, Vt.

We appreciate PEOPLE calling attention to the problem of sexual harassment within the motion picture and television industry (PEOPLE, Oct. 26). I However, we were surprised and distressed you did not mention two industry organizations now tackling this important issue: the Screen Actors Guild Women's Conference Committee and the Directors Guild of America Women's Steering Committee.

Sexual Harassment Symposium Committee, Screen Actors Guild

Women's Steering Committee, Directors Guild of America, Hollywood

I totally agree with the reader from New Hampshire who felt Gaultier's fashion show to benefit the American Foundation for AIDS Research was questionable. Being one of five people who was infected with HIV by Dr. David Acer, the Florida dentist, I really take offense at the fashion-show attitude. Madonna sells lust and pornography, which leads to sex, which in this era spells UNSAFE! (We were told Dr. Acer had over 150 lovers. It's a chilling feeling to know that even though you are not directly involved with someone, their sexual preferences and practices can still affect you.) When are we going to take responsibility to protect each other instead of promoting dangerous liaisons?
LISA MAI SHOEMAKER, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

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