Picks and Pans Review: Sidney Sheldon's the Sands of Time

updated 11/23/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/23/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

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A monk in modern-day Spain comes to give a condemned prisoner the last riles. But wait, the monk is in fact a notorious rebel, played by stubbly-faced Michael (Flashdance) Nouri; the two break out of jail and escape by mingling with men running with the bulls at, yes, Pamplona.

That's just the opening salvo in this astoundingly plotted mini. A trio of nuns persecuted by a vicious army colonel (a goateed James Brolin) flee their convent and take refuge with Nouri and his rebel band. But wait, one of the nuns (Elizabeth Gracen) is a mob boss's daughter who is wanted for murder. Another (Deborah Raffin) is an orphaned American heiress. The third (Amanda Plummer) is just plain crazy. There follows an endless chase through the countryside to the accompaniment of flamenco guitar thrums.

It's worth tuning in just to hear Nouri and Brolin do their husky Spanish accents, acquired, it would seem, from watching old episodes of Zorro. Nouri tells Raffin, "Seester, we are risonable peoples." Pero no, seƱor. Risonable peoples would not have signed up for this silly siesta.

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