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updated 12/14/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/14/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Conventional wisdom in Hollywood is that actor's salaries are going down. Joe Pesci's salary, however, is going up. Fresh on the heels of his performance in Home Alone 2 comes word that Pesci will earn $3 million for portraying a homeless man who is befriended by four Harvard students in the comedy-drama With Honors. Brendan (Encino Man) Fraser is in negotiations with the film's producers to play one of the students. His salary? We hear a not too shabby $500,000.


When last seen, Gennifer Flowers was revealing anything she could—of herself and of her alleged 12-year affair with Bill Clinton—in Penthouse. Now that he's President-elect, she is (surprise!) relaunching her musical career—neglected until recently, says her lawyer. Roy True "so she could sing about" the Arkansas Governor.

True's news: Flowers has already made her postelection debut in Spain on the TV talk show De Tu a Tu, covering the old Lenny Welch hit "Since I Fell for You. Where will Flowers bloom next? True says he's negotiating club appearances in Japan. Latin America and Chicago.


Not only do Today guests not get paid, they must also sign a release giving NBC free use of their likenesses to promo the show. Now someone's cashing in on those cashless documents.

Bob Eaton, owner of R&R Enterprises, a mail-order autograph firm in Amherst, N.H., purchased "from someone's collection" a batch of old Today releases. Packaging each with a photo of the celebrity signatory, he put them in his catalogue. Of those he's sold—Sammy Davis, Jr., George Carlin, Kevin Costner, Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, Daryl Hannah, Dwight Yoakam—whose autograph was most valuable? Eaton says Costner's, whose release fetched $125.

How did the papers escape NBC's archives? Says Today's Lynn Appelbaum: "We're looking into it."


Steven Seagal, martial-arts expert, action-movie star—and former bigamist? Now it can be told: In the mid-'80s, Seagal, 40, was simultaneously wed to two wives.

In 1975, he married Miyako Fujitani, daughter of an Osaka aikido master, who bore him son Kentaro, now 17, and daughter Ayako, 13. Then in 1981, Seagal married actress Adrienne LaRussa. Trouble was, his divorce from Fujitani was still pending in Japan. (His rep says Seagal "believes he first obtained a Mexican divorce" from Fujitani.) In any event, Seagal and LaRussa separated a year later, and the marriage was annulled.

Fujitani granted Seagal a divorce in 1986 when she learned that actress Kelly LeBrock was carrying Seagal's child. Seagal and LeBrock married in 1987.

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