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updated 12/14/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/14/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST


The Nov. 26 birth of Louis Robert Paul Ducruet, son of Princess Stephanie by former bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, 28, was a decidedy low-key event. Monaco's royal palace made no announcement, and no royals were seen visiting Stephanie, 27, at Princess Grace Hospital. On Nov. 27, le bébé was registered by Ducruet at city hall in Monte Carlo. By now, Daniel should know the drill. In January, French office worker Martine Malbouvier gave birth to his first son, Michael, in nearby Beausoleil.

A friend predicts that Louis's parents will wed "fairly soon," but Ducruet has another hitch to worry about. Accused in Nice of two separate assaults on motorists, he could go to jail for up to two years. Which would certainly put a damper on a June wedding.

To end her annus horribilis on a grace note, Queen Elizabeth has volunteered to reach into her ever present purse and pay up to 40 percent tax on the income of her estimated $85 million in private investments. Done to quell taxpayers' grumbles about funding the Windsor follies, the move came three days after an outcry over the need to pony up $100 million in tax money to fix fire-ravaged Windsor Castle. For that cause, the Queen will kick in an estimated $8.5 million donation. Worth around $11 billion, she'll still have plenty left for corgi chow.

Former Irish Republican Army assassin Sean O'Callaghan, 38, has told London's Sunday Times that he was ordered to kill Prince Charles and Princess Diana at a 1983 Duran Duran concert by planting a bomb behind the royal box at a London theater on July 20. The Waleses were saved because O'Callaghan, now serving a 539-year sentence for 42 terrorist crimes, had already turned informer. Why is he going public now? According to one report, he has a book in the works.

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