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originally published 12/21/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Correspondents who loathe stories about the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Di wrote to tell us they hope "it" really is over (PEOPLE, Nov. 30) and that so is our run of Di covers. On the second count, obviously, they are doomed to disappointment.

Although nothing is guaranteed in this world, I've come to the conclusion that there are three things that happen almost every week: 1) junk mail in my mailbox; 2) bills in my mailbox; and 3) Princess Diana on your cover in my mailbox. Enough!

Judging by your cover, PEOPLE seems to be headed in the direction of the grocery-store tabloids. According to your own article, the royal marriage is by no means "over," though the list of possibilities is shorter. When Diana and Charles actually seek a divorce, then it will be over. Shame on you.
LINDA BYRNE, Sugar Land, Tex.
See this week's story.—ED.

I believe if I read one more story on Their Royal Highnesses, I will up-Chuck and Di.

Perhaps Buckingham Palace should change its name to Dysfunction Junction.

Our justice system is unbelievably pathetic when murderers walk the streets with suspended sentences but 10-year-old boys experimenting with dirty words are accused of violating a girl's civil rights. I believe Cheltzie's mother has more of a problem with this incident than Cheltzie does. The reason women and sexual harassment charges are not taken seriously in this country is because of these trivial cases that get totally blown out of proportion.
C. MAISANO, Cheshire, Conn.

I am appalled at the fact that people feel this mother is "completely out of line." This mother is protecting her child. I wish I had taken action when the boys on my daughter's bus used bad language to her. I didn't, and now she has been molested on the bus by a child several years older than she. Maybe if there were more mothers like Mrs. Mutziger out there, fewer children would have to go through what my daughter is going through right now.

I am an 11-year teacher in the Eden Prairie School District, in which Cheltzie Hentz is a student. The district has over many years developed a creative sexual harassment policy for the sake of its students as well as for the protection of its staff. I hope that other districts when confronted with serious issues are as capably led as we have been. Sadly the successes of the district are clouded by the publicity that this case has generated.
ELISABETH PINSKIE, Eden Prairie, Minn.

Good for Keith Meinhold! It is about time someone stands up to our government, which needs to change its archaic rules governing gays in the military. Being gay does not prevent someone from doing his or her job. I do believe, however, that when gay people finally are allowed to fight for our country, they, as well as all military personnel, should be tested for AIDS. Only if the test is positive should they be discharged.
PENNY L. KRUEGER, Brookfield, Wis.

Thank you for such a positive article on Keith Meinhold and his fight to resume his successful career in the U.S. Navy. Your piece did wonders to show that not all homosexuals are the deviants the media so often portray. It's important for everyone to realize that Keith Meinhold is not fighting for "special rights," but for equality. Nothing more and nothing less.
D. CRAIG. Jensen Beach, Fla.

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