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updated 12/28/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 12/28/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

Was there a full moon all year, or what? Around the globe it's been a lunar time for romance. The famous, the fortunate, the furious and the frosty hardly let a day go by without a hitch, a split, an affair, a picture of a bare derriere or an oochy-smoochy cellular phone call suitable for taping.

Oprah announced and Fergie was bounced. Mia was sued and Anjelica was wooed. Mick played and Nicollette strayed. Joan Lunden walked and Marla balked. Yasser Arafat tied the knot and Masters and Johnson called the whole thing off. So let's raise a toast to the amorous excesses of '92, which we celebrate with a peek at 25 couples who made our hearts—and our headlines—exceptionally warm.

This little piggy went to Buck House, this little piggy stayed at Balmoral, and this little piggy, topless and sockless, embarrassed the royal family right down to its toes. She may have missed the pomp—and the perks—of regal life after her separation last March from husband of six years Prince Andrew, 32, but the Duchess of York, 33, kept a high profile, even when reclining. Last August, Fergie was pictured cavorting with American John Bryan, 37, while daughters Bea, 4, and Eugenie, 2, played nearby. Bryan claimed that he was trying to engineer a reconciliation. Really!

Talk about lovebirds of a feather. Last July was the second time Sen. Ted Kennedy, 60, and his bride, the former Victoria Reggie, 38, a Washington attorney, had each cut a wedding cake. Some Capitol watchers say the Senator wanted to polish his tarnished image prior to the release of a devastating tell-all by a former aide. But the newlywed is certainly chirping a happy tune. "Our love is something very deep, very powerful and very meaningful to me," says Kennedy. "Vicki and her children have given me a great sense of emotional security."

So, you've been sitting around the house for about a decade, the kids are growing up, and things are getting a little stale. Here's an idea: Get married! That's what rocker Sting, 41, did last August when he finally wed live-in love Trudie Styler, 39. For the ceremony at their Wiltshire estate, they wore $250,000 worth of Versace and used a four-legged limo—a horse. Could they be happier? Neigh.

This year was one of ch-ch-changes for David Bowie, 45, and Iman, 37. Both divorced (she has a daughter, Zulekha, 14; he has a son, Joe, né Zowie, 21), they wed twice for good measure—in a Swiss civil ceremony in April, then in a Florence church in June. "I have found my other half," said Iman, who spent some of the year apart from her groom doing relief work for her native Somalia.

lothario/Io-THAR-e-o: a man whose chief interest is seducing women. The word became virtually obsolete this year when Warren Beatty, 55, wed Annette Bening, 34, in a secret ceremony on March 3. Hunkering down in their L.A. home with baby Kathlyn Bening Beatty, who turns a year old on Jan. 8, the couple "had a very family-oriented year," says Beatty's publicist, Dick Guttman. "There's anew level of pleasure and happiness in their lives."

After putting their romance on ice throughout the campaign, former Bush spin doctor Mary Matalin, 39, and acerbic Clinton strategist James Carville, 48, took a romantic trip to Venice. But they were tweaking each other again during a Nov. 30 Louisiana speaking engagement. "He wants to redistribute your wealth," she said. Replied Jimbo: "My slogan is, Don't get mad, don't get even, just get elected. Then get even." Oh, you two!

Oh, God, them again. Last October financially battered former billionaire Donald Trump, 46, dumped fiancée and Broadway neophyte Marla Maples, 29, for the 687th time. Contrary to supermarket tabloid reports, Maria is not dating her manager, Richard Fields, says a close friend, but is "out and about, dating and living a more discreet life." According to a Trump insider, The Donald, meanwhile, "is the most sought-after man in the U.S. Many beautiful models and actresses pursue him, and he is playing the field." Until the next reconciliation, anyway.

Since their belated honeymoon in late September (following April vows), pop dynamo Paula Abdul and Emilio (Young Guns) Estevez, both 30, have been busy. She wants to land a movie part; he's making the action drama Judgment Night. "It's just incredible," Estevez has said of the relationship. "If you're married, you know...if you're not, you'll find out."

Is a woman's place in the home or on the set? John McEnroe, 33 (who says he's leaving tournament tennis), and actress Tatum O'Neal, 29, may resolve the question in, not on, a court. After a six-year marriage, she reportedly wanted to resume a career; he insisted she focus on kids Kevin, 6, Sean, 5, and Emily, 1½. Friends hope for a rematch. The alternative? A possible custody case.

After 21 years of marriage, the mom and pop of sex research, William Masters, 76, and Virginia Johnson, 67, decided the magic had gone. A sexual problem? No, the reason is a modern one: no time for the relationship. Says Virginia: "Our professional life preempted our personal life." Masters is a well-known workaholic, while Johnson prefers a more balanced existence.

Yasser, that's my baby! "I am married to the revolution," PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, 63, used to proclaim—until he met Greek Orthodox-raised, French-educated Palestinian Suha Tawil, 28, in 1988. She soon became his financial adviser and, last February, Mrs. Arafat. "At last I have found a woman who wanted me!" gushed the groom. For her part, Suha said, "I have not just married a man, I've married a symbol."

Since their lace n' leather marriage last October, Guns N' Roses' Slash (né Saul Hudson) and model-actress Renee Suran, both 27, have been "goo-goo-eyed in love," says publicist Bryn Bridenthal. "You wouldn't think that guitar-playing animal could also be a romantic, but he a is. It's like a fairy tale." Beauty n' Beast?

Good Morning America's Joan Lunden, 41, didn't have a good year. Her 13-year marriage to TV producer Michael Krauss, 52, ended in January. By August, Krauss sued for sole custody of their three children (Jamie, 12, Lindsay, 9, Sarah, 5). "She's capable of being vicious," he said. As to the $18,000 per-month support Krauss gets, Lunden said, "He's looking for much bigger money." The fireworks begin in court next year.

Before Princess Anne ended the year on a royal high by marrying Cmdr. Timothy Laurence, there was one other happy landing for Queen Elizabeth amid all the retro rockets firing. Lady Helen Windsor, 28, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent and a distant cousin of the Queen (21st in line to the throne) most properly wed fellow art dealer Tim Taylor, 29, in Jury, the first time for each. Since the newlyweds settled down in London, there has not been a whisper of scandal. At last!

What a splash for Daryl Hannah, 32. She allegedly suffered a black eye and a broken finger at the hands of singer Jackson Browne, 44, when she tried to end their long relationship in September. To the rescue: old friend John F. Kennedy Jr., 32, who took her to New York City and later supported her at a Chicago service for her stepfather, Jerrold Wexler, who died Nov. 7. Browne has kept mum, but Hannah reportedly now has sole title to their $2.5 million Santa Monica house.

Is it "Get Off My Cloud" or "Sympathy for the Devil"? Last July, Texas tornado Jerry Hall, 36, left husband Mick Jagger, 49, after accusing him of taking off with Italian model Carla Bruni, 23, shortly after Hall gave birth to their third child, Georgia May. Bruni denied an affair, saying, "He's a fossil. His wife can keep him." She has. The pair patched it up in October. But watch out, Jer. Mick's next album? Wandering Spirit.

Heeere's Pammy! For his third attempt at marital bliss, Ed McMahon, 69, and ad exec Pam Hurn, 38, sneaked out of their Las Vegas hotel in jogging clothes one February day and rode off to get hitched at the nearby St. Jude's Ranch for Children, a favorite charity. After frequent trips to Orlando to tape the recently canceled daily Star Search, the couple is cozy in L.A.

Prince Charles, 44, is more Land-Rover than stick-in-the-mud. While his marriage crumbled and Mum fumed, he dallied with old confidante Camilla Parker Bowles, 45 (wife of Brigadier Andrew). Like Diana, Chuck went cellular. A 1989 tape of a call surfaced this year in which the Prince allegedly tells Camilla, "I adore you," and "In the next life, I should like to come back as your knickers." For a good time, call 1-900-CHARLES.

Today on Oprah: Women who won't reveal their wedding plans, and the men who love them! After Oprah Winfrey, 38, and her perennial beau, public relations man Stedman Graham, 41, finally announced last month, they have been quiet about the date (in '93, she says), the dress, the rings and the guests. Although overwhelmed by the media assault on his life, steadfast Stedman says, "I love her and she's worth it."

No wonder Monaco's Prince Rainier has some new winkles this year. Caroline emerged from grieving, Albert was sledding, and flighty Stephanie, 27, was conceiving—out of wedlock. Her beau and former bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, 28, fathered Louis Robert Paul, born Nov. 26. The family has moved into a garish house near the palace, and the new parents, say sources, may soon marry. Easy, Dad.

Ta-da-da-dum, snap snap: "In The Addams Family, I fell in love with a great Mexican man," said Anjelica Huston, 41. "Just as I have in real life." Warren, Meryl and Ahnuld all tangoed at the Hotel Bel-Air in May when she wed sculptor Robert Graham, 55. Meanwhile, Huston's ex-beau, Jack Nicholson, remains semi-free, living separately from—but back with—Rebecca Broussard, the mother of his two toddlers.

Harry and Nicollette. Had a nice ring to it. But after wife Nicollette Sheridan, 29, bolted with big-voiced Michael Bolton in August, a stunned Harry Hamlin, 41, ended the 11-month union, filing for divorce. Now squiring a succession of beauties around L.A., he sighs, "Life goes on." Sheridan and Bolton just get closer. Will they marry? "Time will tell," he chimes. "Nicollette is an extraordinary person."

Wide-eyed pop diva Whitney Houston, 29, and streetwise rapper Bobby Brown, 23, may be an unlikely pair, and their wedding at Whitney's New Jersey estate in July drew an appropriately odd-couple crowd—from Robin Leach to Jasmine Guy. Expecting their first child in March, Whitney rested at home during her pregnancy on doctor's orders. But Brown, who is no stranger to paternity (he has three kids by two women out of wedlock), said he wouldn't cancel his planned January tour for his new album.

To say P.S. I Luv You—and seal his marriage proposal to Connie Sellecca, 37—Entertainment Tonight co-host John Tesh, 40, arranged for a fireworks display at a Monterey beach. Now wed nearly nine months, they're still stoking the flames. "I'm cooking a lot more than ever," says Connie. "And I have to watch my weight," adds John, "because she's a great cook." Though heavy workloads (he covered the Olympics in Spain: she did a TV movie, Masquerade) have kept them busy, Connie says of married life, "It's just as wonderful as it could be."

Time heals all wounds, even Catwoman scratches. When Michelle Pfeiffer, 34, stalked out on Fisher Stevens, 28, last fall, he meowed pathetically. Among the problems: her frequent absences on location. Now, though, "he's moving on," says pal Gary Foster. And Michelle? Although she has dated rocker Eric Clapton, she spends more time with friends and her sisters, Deedee and Lori.

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