Picks and Pans Review: Maybe the Moon

updated 01/18/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/18/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

by Armistead Maupin

Like many of us, Cadence Roth has conflicting desires. Bursting with singing and acting talent, Cady's striving for stardom. Challenged with a 31" body, she yearns to be ordinary. How she plays the cards fate has dealt her is the subject of this surprisingly funny, moving novel inspired by the author's real-life friend the late actress Tamara De Treaux.

It's been a long, lean decade since Cady starred, albeit in a rubber suit that completely concealed her, as the elfin hero of a Hollywood blockbuster. (De Treaux played a similar role in E.T.) Now reduced to clowning at kiddie parties, she continues her struggle to be seen as a person, not a sideshow.

Through Cady's often comic misadventures, Maupin, a San Francisco-based gay novelist who previously wrote the six-part Tales of the City, lampoons Hollywood and, in particular, Cady's Spielbergian exploiter. He also makes telling points about outsiders of every kind. (HarperCollins, $22)

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