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originally published 03/15/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

Correspondents were moved by our cover story on Arthur Ashe (PEOPLE, Feb. 22), critical of Darby Borneo and Kerin Moratuya, publishers of the I Hate Brenda Newsletter, and outraged by the imprisonment of James McElveen and Benny Milligan, who snitched identities after a near fatal accident so that McElveen would be covered by his friend's health insurance.

Arthur Ashe was a first-class athlete and a first-class human being. He accomplished what many people try and fail to do—he made a difference.
RONNI BERMAN, Branford, Conn.

I don't believe I ever read an article about Arthur Ashe that did not con-lain the word "gracious." His life and, yes, even his death are summed up perfectly in the last line of Stephen Spender's beautiful poem "I Think Continually of Those Who Are Truly Great." It reads: "Born of the sun, they travelled a short while toward the sun,/ And left the vivid air signed with their honour."

Whether Shannen Doherty chooses to be a bitch or not is her business. She is a talented young actress with many inspiring qualities. Perhaps Darby and Kerin should seek professional help for their jealousy because, like it or not, Shannen Doherty is here to stay!
PAUL TREIBIC, Franklin, Ind.

Let's be real—if Darby or Kerin could be Shannen Doherty or Brenda Walsh for one moment, they would do it.
JAMES D. YOAKLEY, Knoxville, Tenn.

How do they know Shannen Doherty is really a bitch? I think what they are doing is pretty bitchy in itself.

The crime here is not what the Milligans and McElveen did to save a human life. The crime is that we as a country have allowed insurance rates to become so high that many of our citizens cannot afford health coverage. Using one's insurance for someone else is unethical and, apparently, illegal. But to put two men in jail, have a woman work for $100 a week and ask her for $300 a month to pay back her husband's medical expenses is certainly not justice.
MARCI GOLDMAN-FRYE, Silver Spring. Md.

The Milligan family was very brave to make such a sacrifice for their friend James McElveen. Tell me where to write to send money or gifts.
ARLENE B. HEED, North Valley Stream, NY.

Checks payable to the Milligan Family may be sent in care of their attorney, Bill Marett, at Bryan & Marett, 211 Third Avenue North, Nashville, Tenn. 37201.—ED.

Diane Carter, fired by J.C. Penney for wearing pants to work, has all my support. The notion that women belong in skirts is archaic and sexist. I attend meetings and sit in offices. but I also have to get in and out of cars and crawl under tables to plug in my computer. I find myself in a lot of positions where pants are more comfortable and practical. I would rather worry about my work than concentrate on where I'm standing or how I'm sitting.

Last month the store amended its dress code and rehired Diane Carter. But after two weeks Carter left; she is now working—in pants—as a receptionist at a law firm.—ED.

Orson Bean claims that after his 1979 divorce he was "never going to get involved again" and that he stayed celibate. Orson and I were very much "involved" when we became engaged in 1983. Will the real Orson Bean please stand up?

Says Bean: "I wouldn't hurt Debbie's feelings for the world. But it was 10 years ago; it didn't last very long; and I guess I just didn't think to mention it. Sorry, Deb."—ED.

Talk about stooping for a scoop! The first feline's family fiasco? As a magazine known for journalistic excellence, you can surely do better than that. What's next? An exclusive expose on Spuds McKenzie's illegitimate father, who was believed to be Lassie's clandestine lover?

Sounds good to us.—ED.

I couldn't help chuckling when I read that Socks' sister is a Republican. As a Democrat and longtime cat lover, I can say without hesitation that all cats are Republicans. They have servants (us) to see that they are fed and cleaned up after and chauffeured around. They eat tuna in aspic while we eat beans and rice. Long before Reagan was elected, I noticed that every cat I ever owned was his or her personal me generation.
JODI HENDON, Arlington, Tex.

Being a die-hard Phoenix Suns fan, I was thrilled to see your article on "Sir Charles" Barkley. However, I was astonished to see that you correctly spelled the most difficult last name on the team—Majerle—only to misspell his first name! "Thunder Dan" deserves better!
RANDI SEGAL, Glendale, Ariz.

We agree.—ED.

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