Picks and Pans Review: Classic Rock & Other Rollers

updated 03/22/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/22/1993 AT 01:00 AM EST

A photo portfolio by Baron Wolman

This paperback collection of mostly black-and-white rock star photos by Wolman is an agreeable addition to the lengthening shelf of '60s memorabilia books. (It now seems like a miracle that anyone back in the 1960s could hear all those churning guitars, what with the roar of clicking shutters.)

Wolman, who preceded Annie Leibovitz as the lead photographer for Rolling Stone, offers a few surprises, notably a photo showing Frank Zappa appearing weirdly at home on a bulldozer, and one or two gems, like a shot of Fats Domino preening backstage and a pensive Van Morrison. For the most part, the pictures here confirm the average person's impressions of the era. The skirts were short. The pants were tight. James Taylor once had all his hair. The stars lived well, if not always wisely. You can almost hear the Dave Clark Five—not pictured here—singing "Catch Us If You Can." The words go "We were young with all of our might." Looks that way. (Squarebooks, $19.95)

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