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updated 04/05/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/05/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Kids, don't try this at home! Even skilled Vogue-er Naomi Campbell couldn't avoid the perils of 12-inch platforms while walking the runway at British designer Vivienne Westwood's show in Paris.

En jail, en vogue: The Rev. Jesse Jackson was arrested, along with Susan Sarandon and 36 other protesters, in Manhattan while demonstrating for the government to release detained Haitian refugees. They were all booked on various charges and released the same day.

Man's pate: Three hours of makeup (tattoo not included) turned Kiefer Sutherland into an inmate ready for the electric chair in Last Light, a made-for-cable movie that Sutherland is starring in and directing for Showtime in Los Angeles.

It was certainly entertaining when Entertainment Tonight's John Tesh shook his booty while modeling with wife Connie Sellecca at a celebrity fashion show in Beverly Hills. The benefit raised $38,000 for L.A.'s Educational Resource and Services Center, which helps kids.

Tom Cruise shared a few good laughs with director Sydney Pollack while shooting The Firm, the film version of John Grisham's best-selling thriller, in Boston. Cruise reportedly is pulling down $12 million for the movie, which also stars Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Holly Hunter and is scheduled to open July 2.

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