No Pork for York

updated 04/05/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 04/05/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

NEVER MIND THE SLEAZY SNAPS OF HER topless idyll with "financial adviser" John Bryan or last month's embarrassing tell-all book by Lesley Player. The Duchess of York had hoped that when it came time to talk money with the Palace, all would be forgiven.

On March 21, however, London papers reported that her divorce settlement from Prince Andrew had been finalized and that her financial future would not be as bright as she'd hoped. The Palace's offer came nowhere near the $7.5 million plus child support that Fergie had reportedly expected. According to London's Mail on Sunday, the settlement totals just $750,000 for the Duchess and a $2.1 million trust fund for daughters Beatrice, 4, and Eugenie, 3, part of which will be used to buy a new home in their names.

"Fergie is adamant that if adequate cash is not forthcoming she will have to make it herself, a chum told the Mail on Sunday columnist Nigel Dempster (who noted that, by Bryan's calculations she needs more than $300,000 yearly for household and child-care expenses). And just what might the free-spending Duchess do to raise cash? Although her Budgie kiddie books and future publishing deals might provide some significant cash, boyfriend Bryan seems determined to market her as a kind of celeb for hire.

Last week, London was abuzz over an account in the glossy monthly Harpers & Queen about the Texan's negotiations with an editor who proposed an interview and cover shoot. After Bryan demanded a fee of $3,750 for legal expenses incurred plus ownership of the photos, the magazine backed out. Instead of running in the magazine, the would-be cover snaps of the Duchess are now being peddled by Bryan to the highest bidder. Asking price: $40,000.

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