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America's love-hate affair with Roseanne and Tom Arnold (PEOPLE, Mar. 29) continues. While her show holds its position near the top of the TV ratings and his is still in the Top 20, the couple bring out the beast in our readers.

If Roseanne and Tom put as much effort into trying to solve our world's problems as they put into preserving their parking space, they would surely make this planet a better place.

I'll be good! I'll eat my broccoli, I'll clean my room, I'll go to church, but please, no more covers with Roseanne and Tom!

Roseanne and Tom Arnold are perfect examples of what my grandmother used to say: Some people grow up, others just grow.

Hey, Tom, with a butt like that, a few extra steps from the parking lot wouldn't hinder you one bit.
DEBBIE OTTO, Lebanon, Ohio

Many readers may see Roseanne and Tom as stars with egos that are out of control, but I see them as two people who have been victimized in the past and who are now refusing to allow others ever to mistreat them again. Count me as one of their supporters.
JANET C. HART, San Diego

Hailing from humble origins is no excuse for being rude, arrogant, mean-spirited (count the times the Arnolds mentioned the word "fired") or self-absorbed. The next Lucy and Desi? Yeah, right. Please don't print my fax number.
STEVE RATH, Marietta, Ga.

Thanks for the great article on Roseanne and Tom! They have the funniest shows on TV, and they know how to make America laugh. So what if they are a bit eccentric? Obviously they adore each other. Every couple should aspire to respect and defend each other so passionately! "Poor while trash with money"? No, I'd say, "Smart, successful couple with talent!"
PAMELA KRANK, Woodbury, Minn.

I was shocked by the murder of Dr. David Gunn. I am very much prolife, but I am for everyone's right to life. I may not have agreed with Dr. Gunn's occupation, but no one deserves to die so brutally. My heart goes out to his family. Michael Griffin is a sick person who is in desperate need of help. His tactics and actions do not represent me or any pro-lifers I associate with.
JILL SPIGAROLO, Milford, Conn.

Michael Griffin wants to use the Bible as his defense for the murder of Dr. Gunn. Well, maybe he skipped the part that says "Thou shalt not kill." The last time I checked, only God was allowed to judge others. I applaud Dr. Gunn for standing up for women's rights, even when it threatened his own safety.
TRACY DILLON, Peoria, Ariz.

What about Dr. David Gunn's right to life? The members and leaders of Operation Rescue should put up or shut up. Until they are willing to adopt, nurture, provide for, love and be responsible for thousands upon thousands of unwanted or abandoned children and to take care of all those who come in the future, they have no right to harass anyone seeking an abortion. The pro-life movement is clearly not pro-life, only antiabortion.
LISA COOPER-KEIL Huntington Beach, Calif.

What a sad world we live in when a man shot three times in the back is only afforded a word such as "unfotunate" to describe his murder. I've never had an abortion, and if faced with an unwanted pregnancy, I'm not sure what I'd do. But if Michael Griffin and others like him think they can make the decision for me, they are wrong.
GINA NIELSON, Virginia Beach, Va.

In attempting to conjure up sympathy for an abortionist, you blindly ignore the hideous, mangled deaths of tiny babies. What about them? Murder is murder. Both Gunn and Michael Griffin are killers of people. How sad so many play that game of pretending there is a difference.

One page of text dedicated to the classy, elegant and extremely talented first lady of the American theater and six to the classless, talentless Arnolds? Who goofed?
KAREN ZUMANN, Wausau, Wis.

Regarding the review of Landscape Without Gravity, if Barbara Lazear Ascher is writing about her brother, his name could not be Bobby Ascher, but Bobby Lazear. I know-I'm his mother.
DOROTHY R. LAZEAR, West Hartford, Conn.

We regret the error.—ED.

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