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originally published 04/26/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

"What a miserable bunch!" exclaimed one reader. That, in summary, was what most correspondents seemed to think of "Hollywood's Sexy Rebels," Sharon Stone, Shannen Doherty. Kim Basihger, Sean Young and Nicolletle Sheridan (PEOPLE, April 5). A minority congratulated the stars for their outspoken assertiveness.

Excuse me? Kim Basinger loses a multimillion dollar lawsuit for reneging on an oral contract; Shannen Doherty is involved in a shoving match in a nightclub and faces eviction for not paying her rent; Sharon Stone complains that Basic Instinct's frontal nudity was filmed without her realizing what was happening. These are people in charge of their lives? Gee. By your standards, the captain of the Titanic should have 'er in port any day now.
IAN PEARSON, Tiburon, Calif.

Those poor girls—I don't know whether to say "God bless them" or "God help them."

It didn't take long for today's "liberated" Hollywood women to sink to the low level of morality that men have occupied for a long time.
BOB WEISS, Needham, Mass.

If Sharon Stone thinks a dirt sandwich is better than Dwight Yoakam, I'd like the recipe.
STACEY D. NEESE, Mobile, Ala.

Hey, Sharon! You can have the sandwich. I'll take Dwight. Sounds like you need the fiber.

What's glamorous about selfish, bawdy women scratching and clawing their way to the top?
DANAE DOBSON, Pasadena, Calif.

Lights, action, attitude? I too thought most of the women in this article had an attitude. But after reading the article, I realize I have just as much of an attitude. In a man's world, a woman must do all she can to succeed, and only in a man's world is a woman labeled bitchy instead of strong.
MAUREEN DOYLE. Wyoming, Mich.

Who really cares about these women, their petty egocentric demands and what they think (or don't think) about themselves or anyone else. They are actresses! Why should we hold such high esteem for them?
KEVIN TIMS. Concord. Calif.

Good work, bad girls! In a Hollywood society that has been dominated so long by the male-controlled attitude that starlets are merely just so much disposable property, these girls have taken a much needed stand for themselves. They are also, I might add, a flamboyant breed of capitalist, flouting an increasing and insidious Marxist ideological strategy subtly at work in our American culture, politics and even in our media.

I pray this get-well card finds you in perfect health and fully recovered from your recent illness, which caused brain fade. I could It'll immediately all was not well when I saw the picture you published of Sean Young flipping the bird. II this condition persists, consult your physician.
JOYCE PREBIS, Southington, Conn.

To Hollywood prima donnas, male and female: Some of us aren't impressed. Give me Audrey Hepburn any day.
KAREN BURKE, Edgartown, Mass.

It's people like Monique Long who discredit women (or men) who really are victims of sexual harassment. Her lame accusations not only mar the reputations of two young men but help to set back efforts to take sexual harassment claims seriously.
EVELYN GIFFIN, Redmond, Wash.

Miss Long is 32 years old and Fred Savage is only 16. Did she ever think about just calling his parents? I cannot believe an adult woman does not know how to handle a teenager with a crush on her. Of course, there's more money in a lawsuit.
ANNE DAVIS, Little Rock

In response to the hate letters from some of your readers concerning my marriage: Anyone who has met my wife, Aline, will confirm that she is bright, clever, has a very strong mind of her own, and that she certainly is not an immature and ignorant countryside victim! Nothing vulnerable about her, although she did shed a few tears when she read what PEOPLE'S story had done with the most beautiful day in her life. Comparing my union with Aline (which is based on love and with her parents' and church's consent and approval) with child molesting—as one reader did—is repulsive. Those who don't see the difference are probably the same people who don't see the difference between sex and rape.

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