Troy Aikman

updated 05/03/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 05/03/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

During the Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl sea-son, square-jawed quarterback Troy Aikman also faced a pass rush off the field—from female fans more excited by his baby blues than his throwing arm. Everywhere he went, women mobbed the unattached 26-year-old; they swarmed around him in stores and restaurants, and at games they waved signs reading Marry Me, Troy! Says CBS sports reporter Lesley Visser: "Hollywood could have created him. A blond, blue-eyed cowboy with perfect teeth and a hot hand, Troy looks exactly like the hero he's become."

This is one blitz that has thrown the famously unflappable Aikman for a loss. "Oh, shoot now," he demurs in endearingly aw-shucks fashion, like the "real dorky kid" he was growing up in small-town Henryetta, Okla. Aikman says his 6'4" physique developed during his playing days at UCLA. His head never did swell, though, not even in 1989 when the Cowboys signed him to a six-year, $11 million deal. He lives in a Western-decorated spread in Dallas and is not one to squire the model of the moment. Aikman says his dream gal is "wholesome, honest and cares for other people" and is not "completely into her looks."

As for his own grooming habits, "about the only thing I do is make sure I bathe!" Aikman jokes. But he may have the best beauty tip of all. "You know," he confides, "no one was calling me back in 1989 when the Cowboys were 1 and 15."

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