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originally published 05/17/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Soleil Moon Frye's breast-reduction surgery (PEOPLE, April 26) was loudly applauded by correspondents only too happy to share news of their successful operations with us. The only regrets were expressed by women who waited until adulthood to have the surgery.

Bras off to Soleil Moon Frye! I, too, was a victim of large breasts at an early age, and I got a reduction when I was 18 that took me from a size 36FF to a 36C. The operation was the best thing I ever did for myself.
ASHLEY LAROCHE, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

I had breast-reduction surgery in 1989 after 30 years of backaches, "grooved" shoulders and blouses that "gaped" in front. Was I pleased? You better believe it! At 47 I felt like a new person. Two years later my daughter, at 18, had the same surgery. I only wish I could have had this procedure done when I was a teenager. It would have saved me thousands of tears.

I went through school with large ears that stuck out. My parents would not get surgery for me because they "didn't want me to be cut up at such a young age"—as if the thoughtless comments and cruel nicknames weren't already doing that. Surgery can improve one's appearance and self-esteem, but it would be much better if teachers and parents would insist that children treat each other with dignity and respect.
EVELYN ROUSE CARO, Whittier, Calif.

Some of the most perfect-looking people I know are also some ol the most shallow. When you can learn to accept the imperfections in your looks, you can learn to accept the imperfections in life.
JILL C. BLAGA, Erie, Pa.

As a 34-year-old male who as an adult has worn braces, had two nose jobs and a chin implant, I applaud the large numbers of teenagers who are seeking to improve their looks by plastic surgery. Had parents of my generation been so concerned with their children's self-esteem and good looks, numerous therapists would now be unemployed.

Soleil Moon Frye must have had a new-age breast reduction to have had 4,000 stitches! I had one just before going off to college about 14 years ago, going from a 44DD to a 38C, and had 166 stitches. That seemed like plenty! Maybe her surgeon charged by the stitch.

Your description of the operative technique in Soleil Moon Frye's case is far from the truth of what is required for most young women in 1993. I, and most plastic surgeons, now operate in a pattern that allows the nipple to remain attached to the breast ductwork and virtually guarantees intact nipple sensation, as well as the ability to breast-feed. Most patients leave the day subsequent to surgery, and those with smaller breast reductions are actually done as outpatients.
NATHAN MAYL, M.D., Fort Lauderdale

I can understand why Soleil Moon Frye underwent breast-reduction surgery, as her bust line was actually giving her backaches. However, I don't think PEOPLE gave sufficient warning about the dangers of plastic surgery. Teenagers are insecure enough about their looks. Extolling the virtues of plastic surgery doesn't help them. And why didn't you include any stories about people who had plastic surgery and weren't happy with the results?
LORI LUCERO, Great Falls, Mont.

As a big fan of Dwight's, I was real glad to hear more from him and less from Sharon Stone. It is interesting to note how he handled questions concerning their relationship compared with her big obnoxious mouth.

I am not a big women's rights activist, but I think Raoul Felder should go soak his head! The idea that Maria Maples is "at Trump's mercy" because she has "a baby in her belly" is ridiculous. Wake up, Mr. Felder. You are sleeping through a very liberating century. As for Donald Trump, if he needs "peace of mind," why doesn't he try giving his offspring his name instead of worrying about the safety of his money. I hope Marla tells him to eat his prenuptial contract and choke on it.
M. ASHLEY GRAY, Massena, N.Y.

I wonder what took Maria so long to snag Donald with the oldest trick in the book? Oh, yeah—she had to think of it first.
AMY NEAL, Lewisville, Texas

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