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originally published 06/28/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

Correspondents were in a censorious mood this week, scolding Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg (PEOPLE, June 7) for the breakup of Danson's marriage and blasting TV producers Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason for their involvement in affairs of state.

No mention in your article about how the wife and kids are coping with Ted Danson's classic case of male menopause. Surely their hearts are broken. Ted, you left a successful job and you walked out on those who loved and supported you during your rise to stardom. It's not pretty.
HELEN WEBER, Healdsburg, Calif.

Ted, you may have just committed professional suicide. Whoopi, you could have done better!
N. HULL, Port Charlotte, Fla.

Yes, my husband left me for another woman. It was the worst time of my life. My only saving grace is that my first husband wasn't famous and I didn't have to read about what they did when they were cheating on me! My heart goes out to Casey Danson and all the other scorned wives.

I would appreciate your giving equal space to some Hollywood people who are moral and who live family values. You certainly showed how amoral, materialistic and hedonistic these people are. This country will continue to go downhill as long as this type of behavior is accepted as the norm.

First the Bloodworth-Thomasons conjure up The Man from Hope image for candidate Clinton. Then they oversee the Inaugural, introduce the Clintons to "superbarber" Cristophe and stick their noses into the affairs of the White House travel office. Now they say they are "definitely going to serve as consultants for how the White House can be effectively used" by the Clintons. It looks like we've entered a new Hollywood-Capitol Hill-McCarthy era—only this time around we're dealing with Charlie McCarthy.
ANN MACRILLO Poughquag, N.Y.

It would have been much easier on the American people if Linda and Harry had just created a sitcom for Clinton. It would probably last longer than his Presidency. And they tried to convince us that Delta Burke was crazy!
ROBIN RONCARI, Windsor Locks, Conn.

Although it has been 25 years since Bobby Kennedy was taken from all of us, the horrific loss is still evident today. He was a good, honest man who had great compassion, wisdom and the courage necessary to lead our country to a better place.
SUSAN M. HARPER, Harvey, Ill.

Robert Kennedy died, like thousands of his fellow Americans, of gunshot wounds. Twenty-five years have passed, and your story still has the power to horrify me. It should have been enough to make you understand: Americans, the West was won a long time ago, the Russians are not coming. When are you going to put your damned guns away?
CAMILLE DION, Brossard, Que.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I choose to believe that you put Ted and Whoopi and those other celebrities on your cover instead of Robert F. Kennedy because you figured that by doing so more people would buy your magazine and then perhaps inadvertently read the moving article about RFK inside. If that was indeed your reasoning, what a sad comment on our times, that the sensationalized lives of a group of actors should be deemed more important than the anniversary of the tragic death of one of America's greatest visionaries and leaders—a man whose life and words, after 25 years, continue to gain strength and a devastating relevance with each day that passes.
GLENN CLOSE, Bedford, N.Y.

At one time I was content to profess ignorance or apathy when it came to the political process. I didn't even feel the need to vote. Patrick Lippert changed that. He showed me that I would have a voice in what happens and helped me understand that others needed to find their voices and participate. Because of Patrick, I will not sit silently while the wheels of government grind on. Thank you, Patrick, for your spirit and enthusiasm.
MARLEE MATLIN, Burbank, Calif.

I hate this about your Passages section! Why do you follow every name with an age? Who cares how old everyone is? And I'll bet they hate you for telling! I want to see writer Maria Speidel's age on the page next week!
DOROTHY W. DAVIS, 32, Douglasville, Ga.

It is standard practice to include a subject's age when reporting important milestones in that person's life. As for your other request, never let it be said that we don't aim to please. Turn to page 70.
—ED., 44

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