Sibling Synergy

updated 06/28/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 06/28/1993 AT 01:00 AM EDT

JUST BEFORE THE FINAL MOMENT OF the French Open doubles championships three weeks ago, Murphy Jensen huddled with Luke, his big brother and partner. "When we win this point," pleaded Murphy, "don't tackle me, okay? I don't want to look dumb out here."

"All right," said Luke. "Serve."

Luke kept his word. But he accidentally elbowed Murph in the face during their victory embrace. Even in moments of glory, they just can't help themselves.

Meet the Jensens of Ludington, Mich.—the rambunctious duo who came from virtual anonymity to win the French Open and earn ninth seed this week at Wimbledon. Ambidextrous, 6'1" "Dual Hand" Luke, 27, and the lowering 6'4" Murphy, 24, celebrate points with chest thumps and shamelessly milk the gallery for applause. Restraint is not exactly their M.O. "It's a game, bud, not a business," says Luke.

The brothers learned the game from their father, Howard, 59, who coached for 24 years at Ludington High School and also taught their twin sisters, Rebecca and Rachel, 20. Rachel, who recently turned pro, is ranked in singles at 250. Rebecca is a tennis Ail-American at Kansas University. Mom Pat, 49, a onetime gymnastics teacher, insisted the boys take lap dancing, which was mildly humiliating but helped their footwork, at the now defunct Mid-America Tennis Academy in Grand Rapids. At 18, each became the nation's lop-ranked junior player, but each lost momentum by attending the University of Southern California instead of hitting the pro tour right away. "Guys I used to beat, like Becker or Agassi," says Luke, "were suddenly ahead of me."

Still, Luke was clearing $1,000 a week playing doubles eight months ago when he took the risk and teamed up with Murph. In May, they reached the semifinals at the Italian Open. "I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly," says Murphy. "This is a whole new world."

It is indeed. The brothers get fan letters now. "You know what Agassi gets?" says Luke. "Nude pictures of women."

Murph goes slack jawed.

"No way!" he barks. "I can't wait until we get that big. Naked women!"

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