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Sinéad O'Connor, 26, and Peter Gabriel, 43, "are like ships in the night," according to a source who tells us the two highly visible rock stars quietly make time for "their little romantic fling" whenever they're in the same city at the same time. O'Connor's rep acknowledges that the performers met in 1990 at an Amnesty International benefit concert in Chile and that they do set-each other from time to time. "There may have been a romance early on, but I believe they're just very good friends now," says the rep, adding that the feisty Irish singer last visited with Gabriel in Dublin in May, when she sang backup at one of his concerts.


It was Allure magazine that brought John F. Kennedy Jr. and ex-flame Sarah Jessica Parker together, albeit briefly, in New York City two weeks ago. Kennedy is a friend of an editor at Allure, and Parker is profiled in the current issue, so both were seated at Allure's table when the magazine cosponsored a fundraiser for the Public Theater.

Although a source at a nearby table reports I hat Kennedy and the Honeymoon in Vegas actress were "trying not to look at each other, a guest who was seated at the ex-duo's table tells us. "We're all adults. John and Sarah talked to each other briefly, and neither was uncomfortable."

Universal Pictures says it postponed the opening of Michael J. Fox's new movie, For Love or Money, from July 16 to Oct. 8 because the wide release of such movies us Jurassic Park and Last Action Hero has resulted in a lack of screen space. But we hear the real reason the movie got shelved temporarily was the poor showing of Fox's other movie, Life with Mikey, which has managed to take in only $9.3 million after three weeks in theaters. "One soft Michael J. Fox movie is not necessarily the worst thing in the world," says one source, "but two out at the same lime could be disastrous to his career."


Madonna has been making the rounds of Manhattan's gay clubs, where she is personally scouting (or dancers of both sexes for her yet-to-be-scheduled 1993 world tour. At the women's bars, she posted fliers that announced she was "looking for three very special girls, androgynous, pretty boyish girls...that can dance: well!"

As for speculation in the press that Madonna is pregnant, her rep, Liz Rosenberg, says it just isn't so.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new. not-necessarily-a-hit opus, Last Action Hero, may have cost Columbia Pictures as much as $80 million, but no one can say the producers haven't gotten their money's worth out of their two bigger-than-Arnold balloons, one a 70-foot head-to-toc Arnold and the other a 30-foot from-the-waist-up Arnold. The balloons are seen in Hero and subsequently were used to hype the movie at the Cannes Film Festival in May and last month at its Los Angeles premiere. Now the inflatable Arnolds are going on tour for various international openings of the movie. Columbia, already spooked by the movie's lackluster opening, will no doubt be on the lookout for persons carrying concealed stickpins.

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