Picks and Pans Review: Quote

updated 09/30/1991 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/30/1991 AT 01:00 AM EDT


Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter/Sermons and soda water the day after.—Lord Byron

I have never studied the art of paying compliments to women, but I must say that if all that has been said by orators and poets since the creation of the world in praise of women were applied to the women of America, it would not do them justice. God bless the women of America.—Abraham Lincoln

Here's to Hollywood—a place where people from Iowa mistake each other for movie stars.—Fred Allen

May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart.—Eskimo toast

So live that when you come to die, even the undertaker will feel sorry for you.—Mark Twain

We'll bless our toastmaster/Wherever he may roam/If he'll only cut the speeches short/And let us all go home.—Anonymous

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