Albert's Bosom Buddy

updated 11/18/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 11/18/1991 AT 01:00 AM EST

THOUGH SHE HAS PERFORMED IN MORE than a dozen XXX-rated porno flicks, Teri Weigel knows how to play hard to get. When Prince Albert first spotted her, she was dancing in Playboy magazine's cabaret revue Girls of Rock and Roll in the Monte Carlo Casino in 1986. She made him pursue her for two weeks before she agreed to a romantic interlude, she says. Five years later she played coy again, this time when the folks at Hard Copy learned that Weigel had a photo showing a cuddly Albert nestled against her chest.

Weigel, 29, held out for cash (she won't say how much) to show and tell all to the tabloid newsmagazine, which aired the photo—and an interview with Weigel—on Nov. 4. "He wanted something quick," says Weigel of Albert. "Until he got it, he wasn't going to quit seeing me."

According to a spokesman, Albert, 33, will not comment on Weigel's story of the romance or on the blue turn her career has taken since last February. In November 1985, Weigel posed for Playboy's cover; the following April she graced the magazine's centerfold. She also achieved moderate success as a TV actress, appearing periodically on Married ... with Children as Jade, Al Bundy's fantasy date, and in bit parts in such films as The Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988), Cheerleader Camp (1988), Predator 2 (1990) and Marked for Death (1990).

Confident that she would soon be a star, Weigel and her husband, Murrill Maglio, 39, a studio musician who acts as her manager, lavished their money on a San Fernando Valley home and two new cars. But in August 1990, Weigel injured her neck in a car accident and was unable to work for four months. The financial setback, she says, caused her to switch to porn films. After starring in such randy escapades as Wicked and Raunch III for as much as $3,500 a day, Weigel, whose husband is sometimes her costar, says, "Sex is beautiful. I have no regrets."

Nor does she rue her claimed dalliance with Albert. In fact, she says, it was her brief exposure to royalty that led her to marry Maglio in December 1986. "After being with Albert, it reassured me that Murrill was right for me," says Weigel, adding that she didn't fall in love with the Prince. "He helped me to live a happy life. I owe that to him."

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