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updated 01/20/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 01/20/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

"I just wanted to get a little attention," joked George Bush, 67, after his frightening collapse at a state dinner last week in Tokyo (above). The President, who had played tennis earlier in the day, vomited at his seat and slumped to the floor. Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa and Dr. Burton Lee, the President's personal physician, rushed to his aid. Dr. Lee, diagnosing gastroenteritis (better known as stomach flu), later prescribed the antinausea drug Tigan—and a good night's sleep. (The President, below, gamely managed a wave as he left with Lee for his suite.)

A composed Barbara Bush, who remained at the dinner, drew a laugh when she told the crowd: "I rarely get to speak for George Bush."

Who is this week's mystery celebrity? Hint: She didn't want to give one for the boys with the cameras. And the answer is: Bette Midler, who wrapped up the holidays in New York City by taking daughter Sophie, 5, to see The Secret Garden on Broadway.

Studly, stubbly powder buffs Jason Priestley (left) and Luke Perry from Beverly Hills, 90210 were snapped at LAX after schussing in Switzerland, sans sweethearts, during the Christmas holidays. The male bonding thing is fine, guys, but we're not sure this is exactly what Robert Bly had in mind...

Survive the Savage Sea, Part II: Unsuspecting dolphins in Hawaii frolicked with three known Savages—namely The Wonder Years' Fred (left), 15, sister Kala, 13, and baby bro Ben, 11. Did they do it on porpoise?

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