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updated 03/09/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST

originally published 03/09/1992 AT 01:00 AM EST


Manufacturers routinely pay enormous sums of money to movie studios to have their products placed in films. Remember the Chevy Lumina that Tom Cruise drove in Days of Thunder?

So what about the parody montage in Wayne's World in which Wayne and Garth mockingly hold up product after product? We couldn't help but wonder whether the makers of the stuff displayed in that scene—Pepsi, Reebok, Pizza Hut, Doritos and Nuprin—had to pay the regular tariff on top of being ridiculed.

A Paramount spokesman tells us that while permission to use those products in Wayne's World had to be granted by the various manufacturers, "no money changed hands."


It's official. Peter (thirtysomething) Horton and his girlfriend of nearly two years, model Jean Pelton, have become engaged. No wedding date has been set....

Not even mentioning marriage are parents-to-be Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd, an agent at Creative Artists Agency who is her steady beau. They are expecting their first baby later this summer, and we're hearing that Fisher knows it will be a girl. Surrender the pink, indeed.


A Hollywood Pictures memo, dated Jan. 29 and titled Michael Jackson Musical, has been circulating around Hollywood. The memo details the plot for a "contemporary version of West Side Story."

A spokesperson for Hollywood Pictures confirms that the company is developing a musical but stresses that "in no way is Michael Jackson attached."

Then why is his name on the memo? "Because probably all studios would like to have Jackson in a musical," reasons the rep.

Jackson's manager, Sandy Gallin, says he knows there are projects being developed at numerous studios with Jackson in mind. He adds that Jackson's Sony contract allows the singer to consider outside projects, but that so far Jackson hasn't committed to any of them.


When ex-New York Mets star Keith Hernandez introduced himself to Zsa Zsa Gabor at Elaine's restaurant in Manhattan, Zsa Zsa exclaimed, "Dahling, you are so beautiful. You should be in the movies." Hernandez replied that he had made his acting debut on the Feb. 12 episode of NBC's Seinfeld. Wonderful, said Zsa Zsa, who then admitted she had never heard of Seinfeld.

Perhaps Zsa Zsa would be more familiar with the soap opera Loving or with the actress Shelley Long. Hernandez tells us that since the airing of his Seinfeld episode, he has been offered a part on Loving and has auditioned for the role of Long's husband on her new CBS pilot, Good Advice. Both jobs, says Hernandez, are pending.

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